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Green Display Solutions

ECO Solutions

NEC Display Solutions apply a no compromise approach to our corporate responsibility and have for decades led the way in environmental initiatives. Energy efficiency, better recycling, avoiding the use of toxic substances in the manufacturing process and an environmentally conscious corporate philosophy are central aspects and are part of the green product concept.

Almost all NEC display products now include ECO Modes as standard. This allows the user to balance the energy usage of their products with their overall performance and selecting the ideal operational standard. On board schedulers to minimise unused power on times and sensors to adjust brightness to compensate for ambient light changes are amongst many ECO features that have driven our product development.

We operate both responsible sourcing and disposal policies and are running seasonal promotions to assist organisations meet their green responsibilities.

Combined with quality and long term operational capabilities, you can expect your investment to last longer with NEC.

Ecological Display Solutions – Our Environment First

Excellent design | State-of-the-art technology | Excellent ergonomics
Energy efficiency | Strong focus on green IT | Multimedia functions | High brightness
Low weight | Auto focus | Auto keystone correction | Quick start-up
Long lamp life, long filter life | Low operating cost | Low operating noise

ECO Projectors

NEC Projector ECO Developments*
ECO Mode  
  • Saves energy / power
  • Extends lamp life
Auto ECO Mode  
  • Brightness of the lamp is automatically adjusted depending on the projected content
75 % AV Mute  
  • This AV mute function not only cuts the light beam but also reduces the lamp power by 75 %
Carbon Meter  
  • For Carbon Footprint tracking and control
Intelligent Power Management  
  • Direct scheduling and signal detection functions limit unnecessary on-time
Hard Power Down  
  • To ensure 0 Watts power take when not in use
  • Only recycled carton material
  • ECO packaging
Higher efficiency      
  • Very low power consumption
  • Lamp life up to 15.000 hrs
  • Filter cleaning intervals up to 10.000 hrs
  • Continuous reduction of power consumption, all new models ErP compliant
No printed manuals  
  • 18 languages supplied on CD-ROM
Responsible Sourcing  
  • Less hazardous waste
* Although these are generally available throughout the range, some apply by product only. Please refer to product specifications.

ECO Desktop Displays

NEC Desktop Display ECO Developments*
Energy Efficiency  
  • Carbon Footprint Meter / Carbon Savings Meter
  • ECOMode
  • LED backlight technology
  • Ambient light sensor
  • Human sensor
  • Intelligent Power Management
  • Reduced consumption
  • Auto brightness
Material Management  
  • Efficient mechanical design for minimized packaging
  • Minimal use of harmful material
  • Mercury-free
  • Downloadable manuals
  • Arsenic-free panel module
  • Use of post-consumer plastic cabinet design
  • Some black models built from recycled plastics
  • 100% recyclable packaging
Green Standards  
  • Energy Star
  • ErP compliant
  • TCO
  • TCO edge
  • RoHS compliant
  • ISO 14001
  • WEEE

* Although these are generally available throughout the range, some apply by product only. Please refer to product specifications.

Desktop Displays

ECO Large Format Displays

NEC Large Format Display ECO Developments*
Energy Efficiency  
  • LED backlight
  • Low power consumption
  • Ambient light sensor
  • Carbon savings meter
  • Human sensor
  • Schedulers for reduction of unnecessary ontime
  • Optimized brightness levels out of the box for each application
  • Auto-Standby mode to ensure that display is only switched on when a source is connected
Ecological Materials  
  • Optional feet
  • Manuals on CD, downloadable manuals
  • Mercury free
Ecological Standards  
  • Energy Star 7.0

* Although these are generally available throughout the range, some apply by product only. Please refer to product specifications.

Large Format Displays