Green Vision

A Totally Green Concept

Protecting our natural resources and the environment is one of our top priorities. In line with the NEC ‘Environmental Management Vision 2010’, NEC ensures that anything that impacts on the environment is sustainably reduced.

This is all part of the NEC Display Solutions total green concept, ‘Green Vision’. Standards and voluntary initiatives underlie the core issues: recycle, re-use and reduce, and so contribute to establishing energy saving as a potential energy ‘source’, in addition to conventional sources, such as oil, gas, coal and nuclear energy.

We are committed to assisting our clients in understanding and measuring their environmental impact and how NEC Display Solutions can contribute to sustainably increasing energy efficiency and thus improving their carbon footprint and their contribution to protecting the environment.

The World needs green innovation, NEC has a World Leading ECO Display Portfolio and a long established Corporate Commitment to Responsible Manufacturing. Our Green Vision is about developing green products on the basis of a commitment to Sustainability and Increased Productivity.

NEC aim ‘to be a leading global company leveraging the power of innovation to realise an information society friendly to people and the earth’ and ‘minimise our environmental impact over the entire product life cycle’. The NEC Group 2010 Vision sets a goal of balancing the CO2 Emissions of NEC products and services through CO2 savings generated from green product design and environmentally-friendly NEC solutions, so that the Kyoto Protocol commitments are maintained by 2017.

Today, we are ideally placed to supply Green Products and Solutions that help protect the World's future.


ECO Sustainability


NEC Display Solutions are strongly committed to environmental protection with sustainable production a key objective. We see recycling and energy conservation as the company's top priorities in trying to minimize the burden placed on the environment.

We are engaged in developing environmentally-friendly products, and always strive to help define and comply with the latest independent standards from agencies such as ISO (International Organization for Standardization), TCO (Swedish Trades Union), EPA Energy Star, as well as EU Commission Environmental Directives and local laws.

NEC Display Solutions is practically involved in the formulation, driving and implementation of EU environmental policies through membership of Digital Europe - the voice of the ICT industry to the EU Commission and the Japanese Business Council Europe.

We instituted an internal company program to ensure compliance to all the recent EU directives (WEEE, RoHS, REACH, EuP and Waste Packaging). We also work closely with partners and representatives to ensure legal compliance to any local environmental legislation.

On a global basis, NEC Display Solutions ensures that our manufacturing facilities are compliant to the stringent ISO14001 (Environmental Management) norm.

Under the NEC Group 2017 Vision, NEC is implementing environmental management targeting zero net CO2 emissions by the end of 2017. In addition to cutting CO2 emissions generated by production activities, NEC is also helping customers reduce emissions by supplying energy efficient products and IT solutions.

Three years have passed since developing the NEC Group Environmental Management Action Plan 2017/2030 in 2010. Activities are promoted from the three perspectives of ‘Low carbon’, ‘Resource recycling and conservation’, and ‘Ecosystem and biodiversity preservation’. Activities to accomplish the action plan will be accelerated through further improvement of product energy efficiency, by providing solutions for a contribution to a reduction of CO₂ emissions by the customers and society and through other means.

Based on our Environmental Management Vision 2010, we have established a mid-term plan that aims for the attainment of specific targets. The targets have been established in four categories: product-related items, solution-related items, plant- and office-related items, and Environmental Communications Items. The level of target achievement will be regularly assessed and the results incorporated in future activities.
NEC is implementing its mid-term environmental plan by classifying each of its priorities into [1] action themes to be launched company-wide on a priority basis and [2] items for continuing improvement activities, ones that define the weighted priority of each of the activity goals

  • Taking the lead in ECO IT Development
  • Products that last longer and consume less
  • Reducing CO2 Emissions by ecological design
  • Using ECO Friendly Materials and Reducing Packaging and Waste
  • Compliance to Global Standards such as EPEAT, TCO, Energy Star
  • ECO Manufacturing Processes to ISO14001
  • Applied Corporate Values and Responsibilities

Carbon Footprint

Increases in CO2 omissions are considered the largest single contributor to climate change, it is estimated that 40 % of the increase is related to what we do as individuals.

Energy is also expensive. It is costing individuals and corporations increasing amounts of money, both directly in the price of gasoline and electricity and indirectly in the form of rising prices for energy-dependent goods and services ranging from transport to food.

And it's expensive in terms of environmental impact, as the scientific evidence linking the ‘carbon footprint’ of human activities – the amount of carbon dioxide humans worldwide pump into the atmosphere to generate power to global warming and climate change has become persuasive.

Knowing your carbon footprint and finding ways to reduce it, helps you understand your impact on the environment - and more importantly, make a difference. NEC Display Solutions Europe started using the Environmeter, a tool to measure the Carbon Footprint impact, already years ago as an ‘early adaptor’.

One of our Stated Corporate Visions is the aim to become carbon neutral. To this end, we have developed features to assist our users reduce their CO2 emission in the use of our products. Users are given active control over a display's carbon footprint. For instance, most of our Displays and Projectors are equipped with an innovative Carbon Savings Meter.

The carbon savings through the ECO Mode function setting or a reduction of the brightness are indicated via the On Screen Display, as is the reduction of the CO2 footprint in comparison with the average values listed in the manual.

To maximise valuable savings potential Displays are shipped in ECO Mode and the ECO Mode Notifier indicates the setting for the ECO Mode status whenever the monitor is turned on or whenever the input signal is changed.

Packing and shipping have also been minimised at NEC Display Solutions to reduce the CO2 footprint. Smaller packaging can contribute to a reduction of CO2 emissions of about 35 %. In addition, NEC Public Displays are shipped without stand as most installations are on walls and all NEC Displays are already shipped with an energy-saving preset.

  • Carbon Meter for Administrating and Reporting CO2 Reductions
  • Reduce Operational Costs, Energy Usage and CO2 Impact
  • Simple One Touch Button encourages ECO Operation
  • Balance Best Performance and Best Savings