University of Hertfordshire

Embracing LED in Higher Education


The University of Hertfordshire has always been at the forefront of AV innovation. Recently, it undertook a huge project to integrate Sharp/NEC LED displays into its long-term AV strategy. The University partnered with GVAV, PSCo, Hewshott and Sharp/NEC to design and integrate the technology across various teaching spaces. The flagship install is a vast 9 x 3.5m surface in the Forum lecture theatre delivering content in native 4K using 1.2mm pixel pitch LED modules.

“We’ve been using NEC products for a long, long time, they have been our go-to display technology,” says Adam Harvey, Solution Architect, AV & Digital Media at the University of Hertfordshire. “They’ve always been good working with us, providing us with advice and an idea about what we should be looking out for, so we researched several products and actually we found that the NEC product was the right one for the space.”

“To have a flagship showcase venue that we can bring people to - it really is a standout resource that we’ve got now,” confirms Harvey.

Covering multiple different areas of the campus, the University of Hertfordshire is a standout example of a higher education institution that has embraced the power of LED to enhance the experience for students and teachers, with excellent results. Discover how the teams overcame the challenges of unconventional spaces, supply shortages and installation to create state-of-the-art teaching facilities for students.


Photography: © Kevin Lines Photography