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Information Point
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Use the Integrated Systems Europe 2022 floorplan to locate our booth at the showground.

More information about our exhibits will be available at the end of January. What you find will be beyond expectation!

Meeting & Collaboration

Whatever shape ‘hybrid’ takes in any organisation, providing the means to work from anywhere whilst remaining fully engaged during meetings is fundamental for successful business outcomes. Tools that are easy to use, with simple connectivity and high-quality audio and visual experiences are valued by today’s hybrid workforce.

  1. NEC PE506UL Laser Projector

    High brightness in compact form, with wireless presentation and screen sharing capabilities.

  2. NEC PV801UL Laser Projector

    Compact and cost-effective with professional features, versatile projection for scalable images.

  3. NEC LED-FE015i2-137 dvLED bundle

    Fine pitch dvLED bundled solution, precise module alignment for a uniform canvas perception.

  4. NEC MultiSync® C860Q 86” Large Format Display certified for Cisco Webex

    Guaranteed to deliver the highest quality conferencing experience, optimised for Cisco Webex solutions.

  5. NEC MultiSync® M651 65” Du-Co Room System

    Aesthetically identical dual screen displays, one dedicated to touch collaboration and the other to video conferencing, for seamlessly elegant meeting spaces.

  6. Vitra ‘Dancing Wall’ with integrated NEC WD551 Windows Collaboration Display

    Modular, mobile walls bring unlimited spontaneous flexibility to workspaces.

  7. NEC MultiSync® WD551 55” Windows Collaboration Display

    Purpose-designed to ‘Bring Your Own Meeting’, frictionless meeting experience for hybrid teams.

  8. Sharp PN-CD701 70” Windows Collaboration Display

    Frictionless meeting experiences for hybrid teams, ‘Bring Your Own Meeting’ to larger spaces.

  9. Sharp PN-CD701 70” Windows Collaboration Display

    All-in-one with DynaHub in-room compute, connecting teams in large meeting rooms.

  10. Sharp PN-L752B 75” Touch Display with SynappxTM meeting platform

    Room-scale BIG PAD combined with a suite of apps for smart workplace collaboration.

Retail / Signage / Transportation

Information and inspirational advertising enhance the experience for shoppers and passengers. Large digital surfaces that give clear and easy to read viewing are appreciated by audiences as they pass through areas of high footfall, whilst owners gain through operational efficiencies and sales uplift.

  1. NEC MultiSync® 55” M551 PCAP with AirServerTM

    Superior touch performance with embedded wireless screen mirroring.

  2. NEC LED-E012i2-108 dvLED bundle

    Versatile slim and light weight design for budget-friendly applications, without compromising visual impact.

  3. NEC MultiSync® M491-MPi4 49” Signage Display with MediaPlayer

    Primed and ready for intuitive content creation and real-time information deployment.

  4. NEC MultiSync® M551-MPi4 55” Signage Display with MediaPlayer

    Simple to deploy, real-time content adaption and scheduling. Digital signage made easy.

  5. Sharp PN-HY501 50" Large Format Display

    Stand-alone signage with built-in USB MediaPlayer and exceptional installation flexibility.

  6. NEC MultiSync® M321 32" Large Format Display

    Professional signage at low cost, future proof for flexible integration.

  7. NEC MultiSync® M321 32" Large Format Display

    Professional signage at low cost, future proof for flexible integration.

  8. NEC MultiSync® P555 55" Large Format Display

    Robust professional signage for demanding high-footfall environments.

  9. Sharp PN-HS551 55" Large Format Display

    Versatile deployment capabilities for flexibility in high bright environments.

Higher education / Leisure

From large venue visualisation to intuitive ways to engage learners and inquisitive minds. Technology gives organisations the edge when it comes to imparting knowledge and delivering memorable experiences, with immersive and interactive participation enhancing the audiences’ understanding and enjoyment.

  1. NEC PA1004UL 10,000AL Laser Projector

    Super silent operation in large rooms, extraordinary colour performance.

  2. NEC PX2201UL 20,500AL RB Laser Projector

    Large venue projection offering attractive price/ performance ratio and richly intense colours.

  3. NEC UM504HL 5,000AL Ultra-Short-Throw Laser Projector

    Project large images even where space is tight. Highly versatile projection-based signage.

  4. Sharp PN-86HC1 86" IR Touch Display

    With integrated SoC PC to launch smart collaboration, the BIG PAG promotes active learning.

Control Room / Colour Management

Situation awareness and timely decision making is all important, if not critical, in the control room. Instant, high-quality visualisation of a myriad of information, and the ability to manipulate, analyse and share data, simply and easily, will ensure seamless operator efficiency for the best possible outcomes.

  1. NEC LED-FE012i2-E dvLED Digital Surface

    Precision FE Series with budget-friendly pixel card, without compromise to functionality or quality.

  2. Sharp 8M-B32C1 8K 32" Colour Management Monitor

    Find absolute perfection for professional creatives, a no compromise approach to innovation.

  3. NEC MultiSync® P555 55" Large Format Display

    Robust professional signage for demanding high-footfall environments.

High-end Lifestyle

When extreme detail and exceptional colour grading is demanded, technology at the very leading edge of the pro-display market delivers extraordinary visual experiences. Prized for professional applications and high-end content creation and presentation, 8K delivers the ultimate in reality-like precision and clarity.

  1. Sharp 8M-B120C 8K 120" Large Format Display

    With 4m2 in stunning 8K, this vast LCD canvas presents every precise detail in life-like clarity.

Reception / Bar

Giving a warm welcome to visitors, digital visual technology provides easy access to information. Whatever the usage scenario, across all sectors, visual displays enable content to be instantly updated with clear, easily readable content.

  1. NEC MultiSync® EA272F 27” Desktop Display

    For a clutter-free workstation, USB-C connectivity requires just a single cable between screen and PC.

  2. NEC MultiSync® UN552S 55" Video Wall Display

    Picture perfect across the ribbon effect wall, ultra-narrow bezels create a seamless appearance.

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