The Sharp/NEC Difference: find out why partnering with us puts you in safe hands

When you are responsible for recommending, specifying or budgeting for your company’s, or your client’s AV deployment, you will want to make safe choices and sound decisions. Peace of mind is everything when business-critical outcomes are at stake.

No doubt you will want to make some comparisons and weigh up the options, but you will not go wrong by including Sharp/NEC in your mix.

We are not the same as all the other suppliers of display technology, we are offering something different. Read on to find out how we stand above the crowd and why choosing to partner with Sharp/NEC is a smart choice.

1. A name to trust

What sets Sharp/NEC apart from other vendors in the market is not only the quality and reliability of our products, but also the trust instilled in us by some of the world’s leading brands. For instance, you can be certain that the leading cinema operators across Europe would not be using NEC projectors if they were not 100% confident in their reliability and in our ongoing support.


We take a unique approach to customer management and engagement; our channel partners and end user customers are at the centre of everything we do. How do we do this?

  • By constantly evolving to deliver more supportive, responsive and pro-active support and being aware of the market around us.
  • By nurturing a strong two-way relationship, underpinned by integrity, loyalty and commitment to customer support.
  • By drawing on the extensive expertise available from within our internal teams and from specialist partners to ensure our customers have the support they need.
  • By providing the added value which means our solutions are long-lasting and feature-rich, saving you and your users time and money.

2. Innovation is in our DNA

Since our very first MultiSync® display in the 1980s, NEC has pioneered technology innovation.

As a purely B2B company, we are not driven by consumer trends. We develop products for professional usage through strenuous R&D and testing, ensuring reliable, fit-for-purpose performance over extended lifetimes.


Products intended for the consumer market such as televisions do not deliver the robust performance required for commercial usage.

We talk directly to our customers to understand the wider user experience in order to bring to market products which address genuine customer need.

Projectors which require no attention for maintenance over an extended lifecycle and are entirely silent in operation is just one recent example, making them the go-to choice for resource-stretched businesses and educators.

This is an example of where we “engineer in value” to our solutions. Other examples include our unique auto switching and priority features for up to 3 devices to connect to our displays, which helps to simplify meeting rooms and reduce the need for complicated 3rd party switching devices or programming.

Read about how and why we brought to market our innovation in silent projection in our blog: ‘Why so silent: customer-oriented innovation.’

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Find out how we offer options and features in our products which help users to be future-ready, an example of our value engineering: ‘Keep it simple: how to tackle the most complex of problems,’

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3. Unrivalled quality

A smart purchasing decision is based on the lifetime of the product and its return on investment, not on its initial purchase price. The visual and operational quality of our products ensure fit-for-purpose performance built to rigorous Japanese quality standards. Paying a small premium upfront for quality will in fact lead to a far lower total cost of ownership. The cost of poor quality can have far reaching consequences – by choosing Sharp/NEC you are protecting your investment for the future. Remember the acronym ‘buy only on price, buy it twice’.


All of us must take responsibility in the war against waste. Quite apart from the cost implication, it is vital for the future of our planet to make long-lasting, fit-for-purpose usage a key consideration in any purchase.

Find out more about what ‘fit-for-purpose’ means to Sharp/NEC.

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Learn how our genuine warranty offering is the stamp of quality, unlike some other manufacturers who may simply use it as a flimsy marketing tool: ‘Let’s talk warranties . . . ‘

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4. World’s widest display portfolio

No other vendor today can offer such a comprehensive portfolio of display technologies. This unique position means that Sharp/NEC is entirely agnostic in its recommendation for the perfect-fit technology to meet the needs of your unique application. And its not limited to display hardware, we offer software and computing solutions to complement and extend our expertise to enable you to effectively engage with your audience.

Browse our website to discover our wide portfolio of display products and solutions.

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5. Unique Service

Sharp/NEC’s reputation for quality, reliability and longevity is well respected. This is backed by our unrivalled service and support infrastructure which means our customers can keep focused on their business knowing that their AV/IT estate is underwritten by our serviceplus promise. The serviceplus program means that Sharp/NEC is there by your side through the entire sales cycle from pre-sales through to the replacement phase.


Our staff have a wealth of experience and empathy for the challenges you face when working on projects across various vertical markets and environments; we understand your pain and can work with you to find the right solution.

Find out more about our serviceplus promise and the wide range of service packages available to support your business.

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Our Sharp/NEC GLOBAL CUSTOMER PROGRAM provides easy access to account management, products and support that are consistent the world over. More and more businesses are looking to provide a consistent user experience across their estate which clearly benefits the end user in terms of technology familiarity, but also benefits support teams for fault diagnosis, and procurement teams for effective cost control. The desired outcome is to make doing business with Sharp/NEC as easy as possible.

We have been told by some of the world’s leading integrators and users that NO ONE does this like we do in our marketplace.

Certain customers have adopted global standards using Sharp/NEC purely based upon the reassurance that we offer enduring support for pricing, warranties and communication about future product releases.

Find out more about the benefits of our Sharp/NEC GLOBAL CUSTOMER PROGRAM.



7. Application specialist

Across all sectors, from education and hospitality to transportation and retail, Sharp/NEC has specialist expertise meaning you’re not just buying a product, you’re buying a perfect-fit solution. We understand your unique and specific needs and how your customers and users want to engage with you.

Browse our case studies, filter by sector, and get inspired.

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8. Partnerships and Alliances


Sharp/NEC is a total display solutions provider. Our strategic partnerships and alliances mean that we can offer our customers a turn-key solution from a single supplier. By partnering with Sharp/NEC you are also partnering with multiple best-in-class solutions providers meaning maximum choice and flexibility.

Our unique partnership approach is another example of where we are not only agnostic, but market aware, evolving and adapting to the market as it changes. If a product may not currently be compatible with their newest releases, we work with our partners to gain the necessary certification. This agility is difficult to replicate by other vendors in the market.

Find out how our forward-thinking business model means our customers benefit from perfectly tailored options in our blog: ‘NEC’s Alliance Partner Strategy predicts the future of business.’

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9. Sustainable management


Sharp/NEC’s innovative product developments are sustainably produced, provide long lasting reliability, save energy and are highly recyclable. In this way, not only do they benefit the planet, they also bring about greater efficiencies and cost savings for our customers. We are supporting a climate-neutral future by reducing the impact on the environment through 5 key commitments. Our customers can be confident that they are reducing their carbon footprint through their partnership with us.

Read our whitepaper: How do NEC’s environmentally friendly solutions not only benefit the planet, but also your business?

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