Sharp/NEC enhances the Giometti cinema experience with NEC 4K laser projection

Giometti’s 14-plex in Prato is the first Italian multiplex to fully upgrade to 4K laser


Munich December 23, 2022Sharp NEC Display Solutions Europe announces that Giometti cinemas just upgraded their largest multiplex cinema with NEC NC2041L and NEC NC3541L 4K RB laser projectors – just in time for the release of Avatar 2. The 14-plex in Prato is the first multiplex in Italy to now have fully upgraded to 4K laser projection technology.

Giometti cinemas is the largest family-owned cinema chain in Italy. The Giometti family has always been an Italian pioneer when it came to adopting new technologies being one of the first to digitalize cinema as early as 2004, before moving on to 4K technology. Today, run by the third family generation, Giometti cinemas has upgraded their last and largest multiplex to 4K, thus offering its visitors the best possible viewer experience.

All screens are now equipped with the NEC NC2041L and NC3541L RB laser projectors. With these, Giometti is taking advantage of both laser phosphor and RGB laser technologies resulting in a mesmerizing image quality. The use of a red and blue laser light source goes beyond the colour and brightness output of traditional laser phosphor cinema projection systems providing a brilliant image with high uniformity. The efficient light processing system has a low initial cost compared to RGB laser projectors and guarantees huge savings in operational costs compared to Xenon based projection systems by avoiding lamp replacements and reducing energy costs. Easy and space saving installations are supported through a single solution without external coolers, light sources or the need for exhaust ventilation. Thanks to the high initial brightness level of 20,000 lumen, these projectors are a premium solution for the medium-sized as well as large format screens of up to 20m.

In addition to the immersive image quality, Giometti operators save costs twice with this investment: in addition to savings in the original investment compared to other technologies, energy costs can be reduced by around 50% with the NEC NC2041L and NC3541L projectors.

“The image quality of the NEC laser projectors is amazing”, says Massimiliano Giometti, CTO of Giometti cinemas. “We are especially excited about the immersive 3D projection. This shows us that we have taken the right step by moving to the new 4K technology at this time. We are very grateful to Sharp/NEC for their great support throughout the different stages of the project.”

Jens Kayser, Sales Manager Digital Cinema at Sharp NEC Display Solutions Europe, adds: “We are happy to have been cooperating with Giometti cinemas and thank them for the trusted and close partnership in this project. We wish them a successful launch of Avatar 2 with the new NEC 4K laser projection technology and the visitors at Prato cinema a great movie experience.”

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