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Fineart AS

NEC LED creates a stunning visual centrepiece

Excellent visual presentation is fundamental to business at Fineart AS. When the fine art gallery in Oslo refurbished its premises, how it presented itself to the outside world would directly reflect the quality and nature of its products.

“We decided quite quickly that we wanted a digital solution as this gives us flexibility, it also reflects the way we try to bridge the digital and the physical, with art on the web and in the gallery,” says Brian Grøtte, sales & marketing manager at Fineart AS.

“There are two main reasons why the high quality NEC LED wall became our "digital sign"; firstly, the visual aspects - image quality, brightness and, not least, letting go of the disturbing frames on a screen wall, and secondly, the total cost over the life of the product.

The choice was simple, and NEC’s reputation was the deciding factor. It costs a little more to install but in return the product offers higher quality and service life, and the annual cost is therefore lower. Believe it or not, the more money you spend, the cheaper it will be!”

At a vast 137” with fine 1.5mm pixel pitch, the precision aligned LED modules create a stunning digital canvas, the visual centrepiece at Fineart.


See the details in this video: