Sharp NEC Display Solutions Customer Installation

Origo, Iceland

Sharp/NEC’s Icelandic integration partner, Origo, chooses the
NEC dvLED E Series for its flagship showroom in Reykjavik.

Watch the video to get a feel for how quick and easy installation of the dvLED surface can be, as Origo’s Marketing Specialist, Anna Gréta Oddsdóttir talks of Sharp/NEC’s high-quality products and support.

The 135-inch digital surface is configured using 1.5 mm fine pitch dvLED modules. The LED-E015i-135 is a bundled product, including all the components necessary to create a perfectly homogenous canvas. Offering fantastic value for low-cost applications, the E Series upholds Sharp/NEC’s quality and reliability for long-lasting performance. Even in light-flooded spaces, dvLED shines bright to attract attention, adjustable to achieve eye-pleasing brightness levels to suit the ambient environment.

One of the great advantages of dvLED is its unlimited scalability, allowing the creation of different shapes and sizes without hindrance from frames or bezels. Whilst Origo opted for the 135″ bundled product, there is no limit to the creative opportunities which our customisable modules provide.

The super slim and light weight modules align with perfection, whilst the flush rear profile means the display can be mounted very close to the wall for the most unobtrusive integration. As with all our LCD and dvLED products, we chose metal for the structural components for a robust, high-quality design, achieving excellent fire retardancy and heat dissipation for safety and longevity.

With a remarkable lifecycle of up to 10 years, our high-quality dvLED products are highly serviceable, reducing waste to help meet sustainability goals.

Sharp/NEC chooses its integration partners with great care, maintaining transparency and integrity for our customers. We are proud of our long-term partnership with Origo, ensuring our Icelandic end users enjoy the best possible experience for the life of their display, and beyond.