How is dvLED brightening the future of
video content?

Many companies have used the unprecedented lockdown period as a chance to take stock. The pace of business is usually so breakneck that it can be hard to make time to assess what’s happening outside your industry, much less where those trends are going. Display technology is evolving rapidly, and it’s easy to fall behind if it isn’t your core focus.

NEC’s Tobias Augustin highlights the increasingly important advantages of dvLED.



A marketers dream

The past year has seen a heavily increased reliance on video content, thanks to recent advances in network speed, intuitive content management systems and easy content creation. Marketers of all stripes are using dynamic content to grab the attention of passers-by and engage with audiences.


They are greatly helped by the fact that 16:9 is becoming the new standard, as it means that content can be easily repurposed across channels, from YouTube to digital signage.

One key advancement for video content is direct view LED (dvLED), which provides large-scale visualisation in even the brightest environments.

Another is 5G, which offers unprecedented bandwidth of streamed content.

Many businesses have upgraded to dvLED in order to benefit from this new potential for high resolution content. It’s not just marketers who are taking advantage of this development however.


Take control of the detail

Changes in technology and security policies are making the worldwide control room market boom. dvLED is hugely popular for these installations, as it allows control rooms to function at their highest efficiency.

The displays offer detailed and clear images for mission-critical functions, even under the glare of brightly lit environments. NEC recently signed an agreement to provide Saudi Arabia Telecom with one of the largest control room displays in the world. The 256 square metre screen offers a clear and detailed overview at their Network Operating Centre in the sun-drenched Middle East.

NEC has also seen an overall shift towards pre-packaged solutions. It is easier and more reliable to work with an integrated solution rather than separately sourcing the various software and hardware components.

Pre-bundled and pre-tested solutions, while crucial for high-stakes environments like control rooms or TV studios, is moving into many other sectors for its streamlined convenience, ease of use and system reliability.


dvLED is brightening the future

With so many flashy developments around speed and content, it’s easy to overlook the central technology that’s making it possible. dvLED has shown itself across multiple sectors to be the foundation technology on which successful installations are built.

Whether the purpose is to catch the eye of passers-by or to make it easy for security personnel to see fine detail, dvLED has proven to be the solution.

Expect it to become even more ubiquitous in the coming months as businesses fight for a competitive edge.


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