The P Series Laser Projectors

Bring a sense of calm to your meeting and learning space


Effective presentation demands excellent visualisation to anchor the attention of your audience, but this is only one element in the overall delivery. As a manufacturer of world-leading display technology we don’t just think about the visual aspects, we consider how we can improve the entire experience.

Noise from traditional projectors is intrusive and distracts from the content displayed on the screen. This affects our concentration, disrupts collaboration and forces people to raise their voice. The P Series laser projectors bring a sense of calm to the meeting or learning space, enabling teams to share ideas and collaborate more effectively.

The NEC P525UL, the first in our evolving line up of super silent laser projectors, is awarded 'Projection Technology of the Year' at the AV Awards and 'Best of Show' at the AV Technology Awards 2019!


Quieter than the ticking of a watch

Supporting collaborative working practices, with an incredibly low noise level quieter than the ticking of a watch, the P Series is the perfect tool for meeting rooms and classrooms.

So silent in operation, meeting participants may not even be aware that it is switched on, but for the exceptional image that it delivers. Scalable visualisation has never been so silent at just 22dB (P525UL/WL) and 19dB (P605UL) in ECO mode.


Collaborative companion

As well as being near-noiseless, the P Series laser projectors are fully future-proofed with the capability of processing 4K inputs at 30Hz for pin-sharp resolutions making these projectors the perfect meeting room visualisation tool. In addition, the enhanced embedded NEC MultiPresenter functionality enables wireless presentation and screen sharing for up to 16 devices simultaneously, out of the box.

Compatible with Crestron RoomView, the P Series integrates into the wider AV/IT room set up. These functionalities, plus speedy power up and power down, ensure easy access to a seamless collaborative environment and help to create an impressive perception of efficiency when presenting.


Budget and ECO-friendly

Delivering up to 20,000 hours of maintenance-free operation, this projector offers a compellingly low cost of ownership, without servicing costs.

A completely sealed optical laser LCD engine allows a filter-free design meaning brilliant colour brightness is maintained and servicing costs need no longer feature in the users’ budget.

Users will also benefit from the extremely low power consumption of just 320W, at full power this is exceptional, saving money and lowering the carbon footprint.

Ease of installation

With advanced installation functionality and connectivity including lens shift, free-tilt, portrait mode, wide zoom and optional WiFi, users benefit from the utmost installation flexibility and time saving operation.

With built-in HDBaseT, optimised for video applications and supporting uncompressed full HD digital video, audio, Ethernet, power and various control signals with only a single cable (up to 100m), infrastructure and labour costs are reduced, installations are significantly easier and there is no cable clutter to manage. Working straight out of the box there is no set-up necessary and since the device falls under Risk Group 2 it requires no safety precautions, saving on installation and operation costs.



A winning combination

Offering WXGA or WUXGA resolution with 5,000 or 6,000 ANSI lumen brightness, the three P Series projectors present all the advantages of laser, yet coupled with the benefits of filter-free LCD based technology.

With this unique combination, the brilliant natural colours of LCD technology together with a long lasting laser light source, plus no lamp nor filter exchange, NEC delivers a solution which perfectly meets the needs of the user.

Ideal for corporate meeting rooms, for classrooms and learning spaces, for training rooms and in public spaces installations such as museums, hotels, exhibitions and leisure facilities.

P525 Series Laser Projectors

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Whitepaper: Only Sealed Light Engine LCD Laser Projectors are Truly “Install & Forget”

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Detailed Specifications of the P Series Laser Projectors

P605UL P525UL P525WL