Use only Original NEC lamps

Check the safety labels on all lamp packaging materials.



100% Performance

Only the purchase of an Original NEC lamp assures the same performance and reliability as that provided by the
lamp originally included with your projector.

Warranty – Full Guarantee

The full manufacturer’s guarantee for projectors is only granted in cases where original NEC bulbs are used.

What are the risks or potential consequences when Non-Original lamps are used?

When Non-Original lamps are used in your NEC projector the following problems may occur:

* Your NEC projector may be damaged (e.g. due to explosion of the lamp).

* Inferior image quality and a reduced lamp lifetime (more frequent replacements) can be expected.

* In order to achieve the same brightness, Non-Original lamps may exhibit a higher power consumption.

* Counterfeit products may contain hazardous substances since their manufacturing processes may not comply
with the required environmental protection standards.

In case of suspicious products please contact us on our hotline:

Tel.:  +49 (0) 89/99 699-0