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The Boulogne-sur-Mer Hospital Centre has equipped its operating theatre with specialist NEC 46” displays in order to improve the viewing of PACS images and videos, to facilitate the work of surgeons and the nursing team. Patient Archive and Communication System (PACS) will eventually replace traditional film within all hospital centres.

The Boulogne-sur-Mer Hospital Centre is a public health institution situated in the coastal residential area of the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region and is recognised as a referral facility for neighbouring hospitals. With a large capacity available for hospital treatment and employing more than 2,000 personnel and doctors, the hospital treated over 196,000 outpatients in 2011 and recorded 1,287 births.

The Challenge


The hospital operates a number of specialist areas including an ambulatory surgery unit, a cardiology intensive care unit, a neonatology intensive care unit, a multidisciplinary intensive care unit, a centre for treating memory loss, a neurovascular unit, and the treatment of persistent chronic pain and obesity. To maintain its technical excellence and high reputation, the hospital demands the tools needed for the provision of quality care within the accepted safety standards.

It is within this context that Mr Abi CHALA, business manager at ICN-Métris, a company specialising in the provision of medical image software and the integration of Multimedia High Definition systems for operating theatres, recommended that Boulogne-sur-Mer Hospital Centre should adopt high-end display equipment from NEC. Mr Jean-Luc BRAME, biomedical engineer at the hospital was looking to equip his operating theatre with displays to complement his SMS.OR software suite used to distribute PACS images and video.


The NEC Solution

Mr Jean-Luc BRAME selected the NEC 46” MD461OR which, specifically designed for use within operating theatres, uses an HD SDI card in order to circulate the images coming from the PACS and SMS system provided by ICN-Métris. SMS is a solution for consulting examinations, digitalisation and equipment monitoring within operating theatres.

The Boulogne-sur-Mer Hospital Centre was also attracted by the excellent watertight nature of the display casing with regard to maintenance and hygiene within the operating theatre.

The NEC MD461OR is a complete solution which, with innovative connectivity and integrated PC, allows for connections to PACS. “It is a solution for operating theatres which is unique in the market place and has already aroused very keen interest”, states Denis GROUT, manager for healthcare products at NEC Display Solutions.

The operating theatre at the Boulogne-sur-Mer Hospital Centre, which comprises 11 fully equipped rooms, is now benefiting from a number of NEC MD461OR displays, featuring DICOM compliance and IP55 protection. They are made from material which is at the forefront of innovation, conforms to CE MDD Class 1 standards, and allows doctors and nursing staff to make precise use of “patient” examinations.

The Result

A swift and efficient installation without any noticeable constraints was performed by ICN-Métris. Scarcely 2 hours per room was needed for fixing the display casing and the display itself, and for performing the required testing. A version of the display mounted on a trolley is also available.


In the not too distant future PACS systems will be brought in as a replacement for traditional film. By offering high-end displays which allow for the rendering of radiological images and also for viewing medical images of a high and consistent standard, NEC Display Solutions can meet the expectations of the complete range of services offered by a hospital.

By opting for NEC, the Boulogne-sur-Mer Hospital Centre has chosen THE partner capable of meeting the challenges of digitalisation within its operating theatre.