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IstanbulOnkoloji Hospital

Oncology MDT enhanced with display technology

Multi Disciplinary Team (MDT) sessions are crucial in oncology treatments facilitating collaboration amongst different specialties in achieving the best possible patient outcomes. The use of the latest technology in large format displays to support common discussion in radiology enhances the effectiveness of any MDT session across different specialties. IstanbulOnkoloji hospital has adopted the NEC 65” Ultra High Definition Large Format Display combined with the 8 megapixel Diagnostic Display MD Series to equip their MDT Boardroom.

The Challenge

IstanbulOnkoloji Hospital was founded as an outpatient oncology clinic in 2008. Since 2015, the clinic has been enlarged to an “Oncology Hospital” and started admitting patients in August 2015.

IstanbulOnkoloji Hospital is meticulously designed to respond to all patient necessities with its high-tech infrastructure and construction according to today’s modern hospital requirements. Istanbul Onkoloji hospital provides best medical provision to many domestic and foreign patients in an easily accessible location with modern operating rooms, highly equipped intensive care unit and 54 bed capacity.

The state of the art technologies in the operation rooms and intensive care units is minimising risks during operations and maximizing patient comfort during hospitalization.

All procedures and medical interventions are under the guidance of high technology and experienced medical staff following treatment protocols and processes planned by a multi-disciplinary approach.

Weekly MDT meetings are held every Thursday where radiological images are displayed on the UHD monitor to be reviewed by hospital doctors and doctors attending the meeting from other hospitals.

IstanbulOnkolojiHospitalDetail1The NEC Solution

The IstanbulOnkoloji Hospital chose the NEC MultiSync® X651UHD 8MP display, featuring a screen diagonal of more than two metres and DICOM mode for perfect review of any medical image from x-ray to PET-CT, for use in the MDT room. There is also an NEC MultiSync® MD322C8 on the diagnostic workstation whereby the radiologist can share diagnostic images with the healthcare practitioners attending the MDT session. The extreme detail achieved with the 8MP (UHD) resolution display permits more precise diagnoses and allows extremely short viewing distances. Using the NEC GammaComp MD QA software suite, the NEC MultiSync® X651UHD large format display can also be calibrated to perform reliable DICOM compliance. “ DICOM GSDF is perfectly reproduced by the reliable DICOM calibration and the external sensor provided by NEC, ” says Barış Kapsız, IT Manager of the IstanbulOnkoloji hospital. A semi-matt surface reduces reflections on the screen.

Thanks to the high display brightness, images remain stable regardless of the ambient room lighting which is typical in MDT sessions. The high resolution of the displays as well as the extremely small size of the pixel pitch enables several images to be shown alongside each other for direct comparison. “ These specific features are vital in the evaluation of breast cancers, one of the specialisms where IstanbulOnkoloji Hospital is most experienced ,” says Prof.Levent Ҫelik, Professor in Radiology.

Breast images come from Fujifilm Amulet and CR systems who equipped the radiology department. “ Thanks to the strong image quality experience of Fujifilm Turkey, we have tested the high quality of the images on the large format display and we’ve elected the NEC MultiSync® X651UHD as the best viewing system during the MDT session, in combination with the DICOM images from Fujifilm, ” says Prof. Nuri Tasalı, Associate Professor in Radiology.

Last but not least, the sheer size permits groups of up to 10 people to gather in front of the screen with unrestricted views. A wide variety of connection options plus several signal and cable types allow a flexible choice of playback sources.

IstanbulOnkolojiHospitalDetail2The Results

The now well-equipped MDT room facility has brought extremely positive developments in the provision of reliable and accurate diagnosis and patient care at IstanbulOnkoloji Hospital.