Prism Refurbishment Programme for Digital Cinema Projectors

Delivering first class quality images is business-critical for cinemas. Where projection equipment has been in constant use for several years however, inevitably there is some detrimental effect on the resultant projected image. Sharp/NEC’s Prism Refurbishment Programme provides a fast and cost-effective cleaning, repair and refurbishment process, supporting operational safety and long-term use for all projectors that demonstrate reduced performance levels or are non-operational.


How does the Prism Refurbishment Programme support your daily cinema operation?

Cinemas that experience lower projection performance levels in terms of image clarity, or if the system is non-functional, have access to a local European service hub offering prism cleaning and repair, even where the projector is out of warranty. It provides fast, effective and transparent restoration of projection performance - an indispensable element of successful cinema operation.


Who is this programme for?

This service is available to all cinema operators and is especially advantageous where current projectors are out of warranty and future cinema operation must be secured in a cost-conscious yet professional way. This enables safe investments for cinema operators as long-term operation is secured even if projectors are no longer covered by the original product warranty.


What is included in this programme?

The program is a well-established cleaning and refurbishment process of evaluation, reparation and repair to achieve a fast return to full operation. Following a precise diagnostic evaluation of each defective part, the Sharrp/NEC Service Centre in the United Kingdom will carry out a prism cleaning or repair in order to restore the maximum performance level. The process is run by highly qualified and experienced technicians trained in all aspects of cleaning, repair and alignment processes. Sharp/NEC provides 6 months warranty on all parts that have been replaced at repair.


Which projectors are included?

We are offering the cleaning and refurbishment service for the following products:


Digital Cinema Projector


Digital Cinema Projector


Digital Cinema Projector


Digital Cinema Projector


Digital Cinema Projector

Whom should I contact regarding my current cinema projector?

Please contact our Service hotline via e-mail or call us at +44 1952 237049 for further information and to access your individual cleaning and refurbishment offer.