NEC ONE Global Program

Delivering a consistent experience, the world-over


Designed for global enterprises, the NEC ONE Global Program safeguards the highest quality and performance standards for your employees and customers.

No matter where in the world, the NEC ONE Global program brings control and consistency across your global visual estate. From procurement to deployment to ongoing support, with seamless integration between suppliers, regions, product offerings and warranties, the NEC ONE program makes it easy for you to manage all your international locations, via a single source.

Adopting global standards with NEC ensures a consistent experience across your entire estate with easy access to account management, products, pricing and support. NEC ONE underwrites NEC’s world-class solutions with a streamlined world-class global partnership.

What does the NEC ONE Global program offer you, a multi-national enterprise with expanding global business?


ONE World

Enterprises can truly think globally and standardise across their entire estate. Select from the world’s widest display solutions portfolio whatever the location. Centralised procurement reduces costs and potential downtime.

  • Global availability and reporting
  • Global deployment planning
  • Global product and quality standards
  • Same performance levels around the world


ONE Direction

Together with our customers, we target tomorrow’s requirements, today. Whatever your corporate vision for the future, with NEC as your partner, we will share the journey to ensure you have the tools in place to realise your objectives.

  • Joint product strategy development
  • Technological consultancy
  • Shared learning
  • Shared vision


ONE Deal

A global agreement means consistent pricing, efficient global sourcing and confident financial planning. One point of contact makes sourcing more efficient. Global pricing provides cost saving potential to global enterprises:

  • Standardised commercial terms
  • Centralised contracts
  • Consistency across all branches
  • Planning efficiency
  • Effective cost control
  • Time-saving implementation


ONE Connection

NEC offers the widest choice of visual solutions for your global business needs, whether for personal workspace, presentation and collaboration, training, control room or digital signage. With NEC ONE, it’s all available via a single point of contact.

  • Large Format Displays
  • Desktop Monitors
  • Projectors
  • Direct View LED Solutions


ONE Goal

With global standards NEC strives to make international enterprises more productive and efficient, so you can do what you do best. Our future-proof technologies with long-lasting performance combined with professional remote management and support make NEC the brand for your long-term vision:

  • Focus on your international business first
  • Global technology standards
  • Stable product life cycles
  • Improved asset management


ONE Care

Enjoy world-class support and after care from one point of contact. Global warranty conditions ensure a safe investment and provide long lifetimes for your business-critical display solutions.

  • Consistent conditions
  • Long-life warranties
  • Warranty extension programs
  • Central support control
  • Service intervention reporting
  • Reduced costs and downtime

Learn more about NEC ONE and how it can help your global business thrive!

Only world-class channel partners need apply


It takes commitment, integrity, technical expertise and a global presence to deliver the high-quality experience the end user expects from engagement with the NEC ONE Global Program.

Both NEC and its global channel partners provide shared values, ethical business practices, territorial presence and the highest level of technical expertise.

Experience in collaboration and meeting room spaces, command and control, workspace design and digital signage applications is essential, across corporate, education, retail, transportation, healthcare and government sectors. Global channel partners are required to operate in at least two regions and four countries to qualify, in addition to other prerequisites.

Prospective global channel partners should use the link below to find out more:

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