NEC MultiSync® BT421 Bartype Display

Where space is limited, but not your message

Ultra-wide BT4221 display

As organizations continue to improve efficiencies through the widespread digitalization of their communications, NEC provides the solution for digital display in areas where space is a limiting factor. The ultra-wide BT421 display offers a distinctive 16:4 format, which perfectly integrates into constricted environments such as along corridors, above doorways or within shelving.

NEC’s BT421 has been engineered to provide ultra-reliable and compact wayfinding, advertising and information signage within transportation, healthcare, retail, cinema, and education sectors. The device is the perfect replacement for static and printed signage, enabling operators to harness the power of dynamic content to utilize new areas of the premises.

Using space efficiently

Using space efficiently

At approximately half the height of a traditional 16:9 aspect ratio display, the BT421 is ideally sized to replace static directional and informational signage which is typically found within transportation facilities like airport terminal buildings and bus or train stations. Operators achieve efficiencies through multi-usage as the displays provide wayfinding, emergency messaging and ‘final call’ notifications; passengers are kept well informed whilst passenger flow improves.

Supporting the retail sector, the stretched format in portrait or landscape orientation presents POS messaging without taking up premium retail space. Embedded within shelving, wall mounted above usable arms-reach retail space, on columns and above till points; the BT421 offers creative opportunities to affect sales-uplift.

Robust and reliable

Robust and reliable

The BT421 represents a new display resolution and format which is manufactured to this precise specification, thus ensuring the high quality and reliability for which NEC is renowned and making it available for new application usage.

Sealed to prohibit dust ingress and benefiting from NEC’s heat management; long-term reliable operation is maintained within a wide temperature range of 0-50°C. The meticulous selection of industrial-grade components and rigorous professional design ensures a 24/7 mission-critical viewer experience.

Superb cost-efficient adaptability

Superb cost-efficient adaptability

The integrated trim function enables 16:9 content to be utilised whilst actively displaying the upper or lower area for display of native 1920 x 480 content.

While its compact size enables a much wider range of potential installation options, the BT421 also supports back-to-back installs. Via daisy chaining, only a single signal source is needed to feed dual screens to create banks of displays for the most eye-catching signage, wayfinding and customer information.

Readability maintained in the brightest spaces

Glass atriums and storefront windows where ambient light is at its highest can prove a challenge for digital signage. However, with high brightness levels of 700cd/m2 plus an anti-glare surface, content remains crisp and easy to read even in sunlight-flooded spaces typical of an airport terminal or shopping mall.

Readability maintained in the brightest spaces

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Detailed Specifications of the MultiSync® BT421

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