NEC Display Solutions Client Installation Colour and Media



Suffering colour drift with an aged monitor estate, Hearst Magazine’s photography department refreshed with NEC SpectraView Reference 272 professional displays to achieve accurate and consistent colour management whilst reducing their cost of ownership.

Hearst Magazines UK is the largest digital publisher in the UK with a portfolio comprising 19 magazines and 26 websites including media super brands ELLE, Cosmopolitan, Men’s Health, Esquire, Red, Good Housekeeping and Digital Spy.

The Challenge

With an aged estate of monitors suffering issues of colour drift and difficulty maintaining calibrated colour accuracy, the photography department were looking to refresh and update their visual displays. Accurate and consistent colour management is vital within the busy photography department which is processing, editing and retouching imagery across Hearst’s broad range of titles. Fashion, cosmetics and food in particular are areas where colour plays a crucial role in promoting products and it is imperative to reproduce colour faithful to the designer’s specifications. Furthermore, companies advertising within Hearst’s titles demand accurate representation of their brand colours.


In establishing its requirements, the department specified that the displays must have a hood and demonstrate a wide colour gamut. From a company-wide perspective, the IT Department was keen to establish the green credentials of any new equipment and to scrutinise ECO features  to ensure they minimised power consumption.

The NEC Solution

The photography department tested the NEC SpectraView Reference 272 and were delighted with the results as the professional display met all their requirements.

‘99% Adobe colour space is possible with this monitor, the Profiler software which infiltrates the LUT in the monitor when using the calibrator, gives a very accurate profile,’ says Paul Morris, colour specialist at Hearst Magazines UK. ‘It is also important that there is no “coating” on the panel, as this causes issues when retouching as the image looks dirty making it difficult to distinguish between colour tones. The new IPS panel on the SpectraView resolves this issue and has become the crucial interface within our colour workflow.’ Hearst Magazine’s IS Operations Manager, Dave Mitchell, was impressed by the power saving features, ‘NEC’s new range of SpectraView displays include LED backlights which help to significantly, lower our carbon footprint by consuming less power.’


The Result

In addition to the SpectraView Reference displays, Hearst Magazines also purchased a large number of other NEC desktop displays for use in their editorial and production departments.

David Mitchell states, ‘We have been delighted with NEC’s monitor products in the past and the new range of SpectraViews and other high end displays, continue to push the boundaries in terms of quality and reliability.’