The BirdDog SDM

Super charge the NEC MESSAGE line-up with NDI® & Dante®

Total AV Flexibility.


BirdDog Intel® SDM (Intel® Smart Display Module) revolutionises the way AV content is streamed to NEC MESSAGE line-up displays with NDI and Dante* support. As the BirdDog Intel® SDM specification lives inside the display itself, installation is a breeze with only a single Ethernet cable required to stream AV content from anywhere on the network.

Built upon Intel® SDM specification platform the BirdDog SDM Family will revolutionise the way content is distributed in even the largest of installations. Intel® SDM specification module is simply installed inside an NEC MESSAGE  line-up of products for the most integrated and scalable NDI to screen solution available, while Dante support can be added with the optional licence.


NDI and Dante. Total AV Rockstars.

NDI® is an AV over IP format that has taken the world by storm. Since announcement in 2015 over a hundred manufacturers have announced NDI support and more than a million devices already support NDI.

Dante is the world’s leading Audio over IP format and has over 3000 products from over 400 manufacturers making Dante hardware and software.

With so many devices and software already in the market that ‘just work’ with BirdDog Intel® SDM specification, the AV integration possibilities are seemingly endless.


Two options: M1 or M2.

M1 is an NDI Sender and Receiver module based upon the Intel® SDM-L module. Receive NDI from anywhere on the network to display on screen. With the Send function you can take any NDI source, such as a laptop, in over Ethernet and then duplicate that across any number of additional BirdDog Display activated screens.

M2 is an NDI Receiver module based upon the Intel® SDM-S module. Receive NDI from anywhere on the network to display on screen.


One Cable to Rule Them All

BirdDog Intel® SDM specification installed inside the screen itself eliminates the need for messy wall boxes, external receivers, or patch panels. By simply running a single 1GbE Ethernet cable to each screen the integration is seamless, elegant, and less obtrusive than ever before.

BirdDogOS. Built by Humans for Humans.


BirdDogOS sits at the heart of the M1 and M2 modules and allows control in two simple and powerful ways – through the On Screen Display (OSD) or through the Web Dashboard.

Via the OSD, all compatible NDI audio and video sources on the network will be shown automatically. Using the NEC display series' remote control, it’s as easy as creating a favourites list and then they become quick sources to easily switch between.

As every BirdDog Intel® SDM specification is configured with an IP address, you can access all settings via the web browser of any computer on the same network. In the Web Dashboard you have access to every function.

The power of the BirdDogOS allows for exciting content to be on screens within minutes of turning on.


Display your message. Capture Attention.

The MESSAGE line-up from Sharp NEC Display Solutions powered by BirdDog Intel® SDM specification Module make for the ultimate solution to deliver your message and constantly keep screens updated simply by pushing content over your network.

Perfect for:

  • Educational facilities
  • Digital signage
  • Videowall
  • Corporate environments
  • Retail displays
  • Airports
  • Restaurants, including menu boards
  • Museums

And so much more.....

*Dante support requires activation via licence from

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