The Great Escape

Leaving the stressful world outside, cinema-goers are looking to escape reality, to immerse themselves in a multi-sensory environment where every moment brings exhilarating experiences, either to relax or stimulate the mind.
Invite your customers on an immersive journey, make your venue stand out from the moment they step through the foyer doors with a sensory experience which is so much more than the movie itself. Extend the experience to the entire venue; an entertainment hub that attracts and retains to increase per seat revenues.
Digital posters and integrated digital surfaces deliver a seamless, all-encompassing visual experience whilst interactive elements generate targeted engagements.

The great escape

Extending the visual experience

The cinema experience is evolving, now so much more than just a movie, operators are transforming venues into social spaces with wall-to-wall entertainment. Visitors report more positively rated stays, increasing dwell time and frequency of visits, thus dramatically impacting on concession sales and box office takings.
Integrated digital signage networks link all areas within the venue, building a connection with audiences who respond with increased loyalty and buy-in to your offering. With centralized control, operators benefit from increased efficiency, maintaining fresh, engaging and relevant content according to the audience demographic.
Through our partnership with Beaver Group, NEC recommends, specifies and delivers all the elements you need to create an immersive cinema experience to entertain and engage with your guests across a range of digital surfaces – we call it CINE NOIR.

Extending the visual experience

It’s emotional – make a connection

A great movie stirs the emotions – laughter, tears, a raised heart rate; extend the movie into the foyer and allow these sensations to attract a wider audience and prolong the experience for lasting effect.
Empower your audience to build connections – the characters, the film-set, the back-story; share information to create an emotional attachment to the movie. Large format displays and touch enabled screens and tables provide access to a world of knowledge and inspiration. Interest in a particular actor or genre triggers previews of forthcoming blockbusters; an intuitive flick off the touch table presents content on huge digital surfaces attracting an even wider audience.
NEC makes movies tangible - with emotion at their fingertips, embrace digital to affect an increase in ticket sales and keep visitors coming back for more. With easy to manage remote content updates and a strong reliable playout system, CINE NOIR is poised to support your sales operations.

It's emotional - make a connection

. . . and Action!

The moment you have their attention, invite your audience to take action. Multiple virtual buying channels give ample opportunity to turn interest into cash, selling tickets from any area of the venue, not solely at the physical box office.
Whilst viewing movie trailers or digital posters where desire to action is high, an easy to use interface which allows remote ordering of tickets and concessions via their personal smart device puts the public in control of their purchase, saving them time whilst streamlining operational efficiency. Impressing with your state of the art facilities, engage with more software-based connection points such as games and raffles, extending exposure of purchasing opportunities.
With CINE NOIR, cinema operators can benefit from real-time sales and cross selling opportunities. Simply by scanning a QR code embedded into cinema content, visitors can book tickets and even preorder concession goods such as drinks and popcorn.

And action

Make that an order for choice

Whether an on-line pre-order, a self-service kiosk or via box office staff, giving your customers choice ensures you are providing top class customer service to suit all references whilst streamlining order processing. Visual communications and customer interfaces bring more opportunities for customer engagement with promotions to upsell and cross sell. The digital menu board is the visual centerpiece - from show previews, concessions menus and themed promotions, this vital communication with your guests imparts information whilst building anticipation. By linking with on-line booking systems, the communication is intensified, with personalized and highly relevant content. The superb flexibility of CINE NOIR ensures customer interfaces and content delivery are perfectly aligned to your audiences at any time of the day or night, presenting your customers with intelligently tailored choices.

Make that an order for choice

Superb operational simplicity, for you and your guests

Guiding your guests along their cinematic journey, all the while building anticipation - finally it’s time for the main event. Each element of this journey must integrate seamlessly, with content and engagements perfectly aligned – so what is the ideal formula to achieve this? CINE NOIR combines two essential elements: Supremely reliable NEC displays delivering Hollywood quality images perform in collaboration with smart content management software from Beaver Group which is intuitive in usage allowing real time updates, transaction processing and superb flexibility to generate relevant and compelling screen content. It’s a powerful partnership . . .

Superb operational simplicity, for you and your guests

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