Update your image: smarten up and get back to business


In all walks of life, the way you present yourself communicates a lot about your attitudes and values. A smart, professional appearance will convey your attention to detail and professionalism allowing others to feel a sense of trust and respect. An appearance that is more unusual or eccentric might create perceptions of creativity and fun.

The way your employees present themselves, how they behave, and how they communicate will have a profound influence on how your customers perceive your business values. It’s the same with your digital assets; how they perform and communicate your message will greatly influence how your message is received by your audience.


Your personal stylist

The past two years might have seen many of us ditch the work clothes and embrace the leisure wear! Now it’s time to smarten up and get back to business. No more lounge pants for you, and no more thick bezels for your display! If you want to be taken seriously, you need to update your image.

Let us be your Personal Stylist when it comes to your digital appearance. We can help you find the technology which perfectly portrays your business persona, from uber professional to fun and flirty. Book your consultation today and we can discuss your unique image requirements.

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Read on to find out what our discussions might include.

What do you want to achieve?

First things first – what do you want your installation to achieve? We’ll need a good understanding of your application needs and usage requirements.


Are we talking digital signage or meeting room presentation? Is it a small space or a large venue?
Digital signage and large venue scenarios will typically be longer distance viewing whilst meeting rooms and smaller spaces are more close up, with implications for screen size and resolution.

Indoors or outdoors?
Here we will need to start thinking about brightness levels and protection against the elements.

What’s your budget?
Its important to be upfront at this point. The actual cost of the project is yet to be determined but an idea of budget will help to steer aspirations.


Where are you placing your digital asset?

Next, we need to discuss the practical issues - the nuts and bolts of actually getting your screen into the space securely for it to perform to its best abilities.

What size is the space? How accessible is it?
Here we’ll need to think about the logistics in terms of getting the product to the location and then the space needed to deploy it. Everything is achievable, these questions simply point to the best solution.

What is the surface like? Is it suitable for mounting on?
Your display will need to be securely mounted so we need to discuss the viability of the wall or ceiling. Alternatively, the surface might make an ideal projection screen.

Do you wish to integrate into the surroundings?
You may want to hide the display within a housing or false wall. No problem at all, we just need to think about size and heat build-up.

Play with shapes?
Any surface is an opportunity. There are no limitations. Your display doesn’t have to conform to a traditional format. Get creative!

What are the surroundings like?

Now we’re really getting a good idea as to the best solution to fit your needs, but we do need to consider the setting and certain implications this may have.


Ambient brightness?
Outdoor, semi outdoor and glass atrium type locations are the most demanding, with direct sunlight impacting readability. Cinema auditoria, in contrast, are in near darkness. Achieving eye pleasing brightness levels with clarity of content is the aim.

Humidity and temperature?
These two rascals are the nemesis of electronics! Being aware of environmental conditions and extremes of temperature will ensure we find a solution which protects your assets against these eventualities.

Is it a dusty atmosphere?
Installations in public spaces and large venues with high footfall are likely to be dusty which can impact the performance and longevity of your equipment. Being aware of it simply means we can protect against it, no problem.

What’s your message?

As always, content is king. Afterall, the technology is just the medium, it’s your message that needs to shine.


Static or dynamic?
Fast moving videos will need to be supported appropriately to get the best results.

Is the content highly detailed?
For meeting room usage, you’re likely showing more detail compared to distance viewing in a large venue. Resolution will be key.

What signal quality is needed? And how many input sources?
A video wall in a control room for instance will need to manage multiple input sources to display a variety of data.

Do you have any special requirements?

Finally, some applications scenarios require certain system-critical capabilities.


Full redundancy?
For mainstream applications, a system failure is a nuisance at best, potentially influencing viewer perception at worst. In a blue light control room however, it could be a matter of life and death.

Fire protection?
Equipment used in public environments must demonstrate fire-retardancy.

Device Management?
Large digital estates will benefit from centralised remote management.

EMC Class B?
This relates to electromagnetic compatibility. Electronic devices employed in sensitive environments such as airport terminals must demonstrate compliance to avoid interference with operational equipment.

Colour workflow?
Accuracy of colour may be important for branding or in certain scenarios where colour rendition must be matched along a workflow in manufacturing or pre-press, for instance.

And the future?
Your usage might change over time so to protect your ROI you may be thinking about the upgradability of your equipment.

Sustainability targets?
A long lifetime reduces waste so it’s important to choose high quality - this is a given when buying Sharp/NEC. Our repair and refurbishment programs help to extend the lifetime even further.

What will your display say about you?

As your Personal Stylist, we use all this information to find your perfect-fit solution. We can offer ALL the major display technologies. Our advice and recommendation is therefore unbiased to any particular technology and is based entirely on customer need.


Once you have made your selection, our service to you does not stop there. We are your partner for the life of your display and beyond, ensuring you enjoy the very best performance from your investment today and for many years to come.

So ditch the thick bezel display and embrace the future with technology which presents you in the best light. If you want your customers to perceive you as a professional organisation, start communicating your professionalism!

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