Wall Mount PDW C P

Wall Mount PDW C P

Seamless super slim wall mount for C Series large format displays. Portrait orientation.

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Wall Mount PDW C P - Seamless super slim wall mount - portrait orientation

Perfectly complementing the slim and elegant design of the NEC C Series large format displays, the wall mount serves to position the display directly against the wall for a sleek and minimalist finish. The wall mount accomodates portrait version.


  • Attractive slim-line integration - achieve the perception of the screen placed directly against the wall as the mount snuggles seamlessly to the back of the displays.
  • Ease of use - its simplicity of design and function offers supreme integration benefits with just a single model to fit all C Series display sizes and a locking system for improved safety.
  • Cost efficient design - the simple mount design offers a favourable price point whilst making no compromise to robustness.

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