Лазерный проектор

Яркость [lumen] 20000
Разрешение 1920 x 1200
Источник света Лазер
Срок службы источника света [час] 20000
Вес [кг] 51
Номер заказа 60004511
RB Laser
24/7 Operation
3D Projection
Crestron RoomView
NaViSet Administrator 2

Цена по infomail _at_ sharpnec-displays _dot_ eu

24/7 Usage for NEC Projectors

Optional 24/7 Usage (3rd year) for dedicated Sharp/NEC Projectors

Laser Branding

Display your brand and mark your property with our laser branding service for dedictated Sharp/NEC Displays and Projectors

Micro PC Intel Atom® Quad Core

performance you can rely on. Installation to the back of the device.

Warranty Extension for NEC Laser Projectors

Optional Warranty Extension (4th to 5th year) for dedicated Sharp/NEC Laser Projectors

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