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Stuttgart Airport

100% dependable digital signage

Information displays are absolutely essential at airports; passengers need instant access to flight, check-in and boarding information in all areas – and they also want to be entertained as they wait for their flight. The Manfred Rommel Airport in Stuttgart uses flight information systems, video walls and displays developed by NEC Display Solutions to keep its passengers up to date.

In 2019 alone, the airport welcomed over twelve million passengers at its four terminals and provided information on around 400 take-offs and landings every day. The IT traffic systems department at Stuttgart Airport manages the smooth operation of the display systems at 100 check-in desks, 70 gates, the baggage claim area and corridors.

Flexible, simple and continuous operation

When installing the new technology in various areas of the airport, the local IT specialists set their sights on absolutely dependable equipment that could be continuously operated without any problems. But they also had other requirements, such as excellent display quality in all lighting conditions, simple maintenance and low running costs.

At the same time, the airport was looking for a highly flexible solution in terms of its administration and possible content. After all, advertising in front of an attractive target market with high purchasing power is an important source of income for airport operators. It also makes it easy for airports to cover current events.

Quality of lasting value

Stuttgart Airport has mainly been using NEC’s solutions for the best part of 15 years. Since March 2018, a video wall with 46-inch displays has been used as the central flight information board in Terminal 1. 32-inch monitors are used for the check-in desks, while the entire gate area features 40-inch devices. 55-inch displays present advertising in other areas. NEC’s technology can also be found in the SKYPORT administration building at Stuttgart Airport.

The solutions developed by NEC, which have been used at over 200 airports around the world for the past 30 years, are characterised by their reliability and durability. These defining characteristics are assured by various safety features, such as protection against overheating in continuous operation. Additionally, ambient light sensors automatically ensure the correct brightness to reduce power consumption, save money and protect the environment.

The company’s displays and panels are protected by a robust metal housing, making them suitable for busy areas. All its solutions meet fire safety requirements thanks to their stable structure and professional heat management. The product software enables the displays to be configured and controlled in a centralised, simple and flexible manner.

Reliable and flexible

The flight information displayed at Stuttgart Airport is aimed at passengers and visitors in various areas. The digital signage solutions developed by NEC make it extremely easy to display different types of flexible content. The IT department is impressed by the simple operation of the systems: “We can always control the NEC displays without any problems”, explains Fabian Braack, Project Manager, IT Services for Traffic and Security.

Braack appreciates how durable the equipment is in continuous operation, which is really important in busy areas: “NEC’s installations simply offer more than other systems. Many displays are still working after many years in operation. The supposedly higher acquisition costs are cancelled out by the quality that we’ve come to expect from NEC solutions, because their devices can be used for much longer than planned”.

The solutions developed by NEC almost require no maintenance whatsoever and only have to be dusted on a regular basis. “Apart from occasional calibrations, changes in brightness, position or replacements, we never have to worry about the equipment”, explains Braack.

After consistently positive experiences over the past few years, Stuttgart Airport continues to use NEC solutions. The airport is currently running a project to digitise its central split-flap display with departure and gate information in Terminal 3. In addition to 24/7 certification, the bidders in the nationwide tender had to be able to quickly display various content via a centralised digital signage solution. In May 2020, the old system was replaced by a video wall consisting of 27 screens, each measuring 46 inches. The screens are managed and monitored by NaViSet, NEC’s comprehensive solution for the remote control of desktop monitors, large-format displays and projectors.

Numerous products have been installed over the course of the long-term cooperation, many of which are still in operation after more than 13 years. NEC displays are not only used in the gate and waiting area, but also at the check-in desks and in the departure hall in Terminals 1 and 3.

NEC solutions are also planned at Stuttgart Airport as part of its future investments.