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voestalpine AG, Linz

Multimedia event experience with LED technology

voestalpine AG is a global steel and technology group based in Linz, Austria, whose involvement in the metalworking industry plays a key role in the global economy.

Its pioneering status in the industry is also reflected in the company’s headquarters in Linz, and a forward-looking solution was needed to modernise the technology in the company’s event hall: an LED wall from Sharp/NEC.

The Challenge

Large-scale visualisation in a bright environment

As a major European steel producer, voestalpine AG faced the challenge of equipping its event hall in Linz with a modern all-round audiovisual solution as part of the renovation. The previous traditional projection solution had reached its limits in the hall, which is flooded with daylight and covers an area of 500 m2. As a result, it no longer met the high requirements for the event experience at functions, castings and conferences.


voestalpine chose Gendo, the specialist for complex media, presentation and conference room technology, as its partner to plan and coordinate this ambitious project.

“In the discussions with Gendo, it soon became clear that an LED installation would probably be the best option for our project,” says Markus Buchmayr, Technical Infrastructure at voestalpine.

“Nevertheless, we did have some reservations about LED technology initially. We were concerned about the relatively high cost, the ambitious time frame for installation, and the after-sales service aspect should this sensitive technology require repair.

In other words, we were looking for a manufacturer who could deliver at short notice, and whose product quality would be worth the investment in the long term. We also wanted to be covered by a reliable service program. Having already installed several Sharp/NEC solutions in house, we knew that this partner would be the right choice.”

The Solution

Excellent image quality across 13 metres of steel girder

voestalpine AG opted to install a Sharp/NEC LED wall over 13 metres wide and almost four metres high, comprising LED modules from the NEC LED-FE019i2 series with a pixel pitch of 1.9 mm.

“During our joint discussions about the customer’s goal in combination with our solutions, we soon realised just how important quality is for the technology in their event hall, which is also available for external events. The FE series was chosen because it can produce particularly vivid images even on large display walls,” says Oliver Bauer, Regional Sales Manager Austria, explaining the selection process. “In addition to the high image quality, the FE series impresses with its durability and flexibility. The flush rear profile of the LED modules also allowed us to install them close to the wall directly on the stage. In addition, the metal cabinet for the modules ensures good heat dissipation, which minimises the risk of fire and protects sensitive components. Another important aspect for the customer was front access to the modules, which makes service and maintenance much easier.”

Despite the tight time frame for installation and the short lead time, the initial design was implemented with precision: The installers planned a special metal frame for the LED wall, which weighs around three tons.

“During the preliminary discussions and on-site inspections, it emerged that fire doors would be installed behind the originally planned assembly wall,” explains Oliver Gruber, Technical Infrastructure at voestalpine. “That’s why, without further ado, the installation took flight, so to speak, and was mounted on five suspension points on the ceiling. Thanks to Gendo and Sharp/NEC, the project ran seamlessly, and we were able to complete our mammoth project in the shortest possible time.”



The Result

The wow factor for voestalpine and its customers

With a hall width of 16 metres, the over 13-metre-long wall above the stage is a real eye-catcher:

“The LED wall has been very well received by employees, and customers are also impressed,” says Buchmayr, summing up.

“We can now implement specific visual requirements on a large scale and in high quality, which has significantly enhanced our event space and creates a multimedia experience. Despite our initial reservations, we are very happy with the LED wall from Sharp/NEC. We have installed forward-looking technology in the building that reflects and underscores our pioneering status,” concludes Gruber.

“The service orientation of Gendo and Sharp/NEC, how swiftly everything was carried out within a tight time frame, and the detailed exchange of experience with the LED professionals were especially valuable in the process. They familiarised themselves fully with the conditions of the large hall and then integrated the LED wall seamlessly.”