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ProRail OCCR

Powerful visualization for command & control

The visualization of big data demands powerful processing and high quality imaging to support effective decision making and instant response to incidents. The Dutch OCCR benefits from NEC professional high performance displays delivering content in extreme detail, perfectly controlled using powerful Hiperwall processing software.
Monitoring rail traffic across the Netherlands, the Operational Control Center Rail (OCCR) operates 24/7, engaging 300 personnel from ProRail, NS, NedTrain and Strukton. Responsible for the entire network, the OCCR continuously monitors all operations and coordinates response to any incidents with the ability to expand operations during crisis situations.
The OCCR is located within a very large room with multiple desktop islands and a large video wall taking centre stage. There are also two crisis rooms on the second floor overlooking the operations area which are used when critical decisions need to be made fast.

The Challenge

Seeking greater flexibility in managing data sources and content visualization, the OCCR was looking to upgrade its current video wall solution and gain more efficiency in its operations. No longer fulfilling the needs of the OCCR, the incumbent video wall solution was no longer supported by the previous supplier. The OCCR went to tender in order to find alternative solutions that were more efficient and modular, enabling their operations to be more flexible whenever there’s a need to expand or to adjust to new scenarios.

ProRailDetail1The NEC Solution

NEC’s Hiperwall solution was presented to the OCCR and tested in a Proof of Concept. After a successful experience, the OCCR decided to progress with it. With extensive experience in working with Hiperwall, integrator ForeyeT demonstrated how the distributed visualization system offered the best-fit to meet the OCCR’s needs for years to come. A modular software based solution, Hiperwall is the preferred choice in mission critical applications such as command and control to visualize information from multiple data sources.

The operations area now comprises a huge video wall of 20 NEC ultra-narrow bezel displays set-up in a 4 x 5 configuration, flanked by 4 satellite video walls, each comprising 2 NEC ultra-narrow displays in each corner of the room. The two crisis rooms are each equipped with 84 inch NEC UHD Displays. The entire visualization system is effortlessly controlled using Hiperwall software with event triggering and layout manipulation managed via the sender, streamer and control PC.

With Hiperwall, the management of vast amounts of information combined with maximum flexibility enables the operator to visualize crucial real-time content efficiently. The operator can zoom and position any content as required, utilizing the full resolution of each screen, whilst maintaining full control over all data sources..

ProRailDetail2The Results

“We are very pleased to work with the Hiperwall solution”

Thanks to the user-friendly and intuitive Hiperwall user interface and architecture, little introduction was needed to enable the OCCR operators to manage multiple content sources on multiple screens.
“We are very pleased to work with the Hiperwall solution,” says Lex Schampers, ICT Portfolio Manager at OCCR. “We had struggled to find a user-friendly system which also offered the possibility of sharing multiple sources to our video walls until we found the Hiperwall solution. Seeing one of our key (non-skilled) users actually working with the software after just 15 minutes of instruction was impressive. Now we are looking to further expand our facility in the future.”

The operators now enjoy far greater flexibility when moving content around the wall and on the satellite displays. When an incident occurs, awareness is instantaneous; the operator can zoom in and view data in intense detail. When there’s an even more urgent situation and the crisis rooms kick into action, the Hiperwall connected displays provide the overview needed in Ultra High Definition detail.