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JohnRyan - Digital Signage Software and Services

JohnRyan International Ltd.
Operating Platform
Windows (XP, 8, 8.1, 10, Embedded)
Mac OS X (iOS)
Certain "System on a chip" options

JohnRyan plans, delivers and manages large scale digital signage solutions for leading corporations. We specialize in digital signage for the retail bank branch and for internal employee communications.

We provide an enterprise level CMS and end-to-end skills and services that deliver World Class digital signage programs.  We provide complete support from planning though deployment and ongoing managament; we are essentially an extra member of your team. Our services are modular so you can simply pick and choose the services you need to ensure you have exactly the right level of service support. 

Our solutions are agnostic to media player and content distribution solution affording maximum flexibility and our solutions are designed to  meet the rigorous security requirements of retail banks.

We are differentiated by the exceptional level of upfront and ongoing support we provide our clients, and by our patented monitoring tools that keep our client’s screens from ever going dark. We take complex project requirements and transform these into tailored solutions at scale.