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Protect your data with NEC HYDRAstor Grid Storage Platform

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HYDRAstor HS-3510, HYDRAstor HS6-5000A, HYDRAstor HS8-5000

HYDRAstor - Scale-out Grid Storage Platform

High Performance Capacity-optimized Storage for Long-term Data

Data utilized during daily business comes with the risk of exposed to hardware failures and disasters. To protect data from such risks and ensure business continuity, a secure data backup solution is necessary. In addition, and also from a compliance perspective, long-term data storage is a mandatory demand.

HYDRAstor is a scale-out grid storage platform built on top of a scalable back-end object storage with inline global deduplication, solving present and future challenges for long-term data.

Key Benefits of HYDRAstor:

  • ONE Unified Platform
  • Consolidates Multiple Applications
  • Simplified IT Operations
  • Investment Protection
  • Cost Effective

Key Uses of HYDRAstor:

  • Prevent disaster and loss of data
  • Preserve data over long-term
  • Align practices with regulations
  • Reduce primary storage capacity and cost
  • Optimize data access on secondary storage
  • Boost global collaboration and data sharing