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Strimy - smart digital signage

Atcetera sas
Operating Platform
Raspberry Pi
Displaying Hardware
Professional Displays (P and V series)
Software as a service - monthly fee
Multimedia files and playlists (images, videos and audios) playback, Clock and weather widget display, Rss news display, Custom scheduling for each monitor (on daily/weekly basis)
Supported formats
video (H264 codec, max 1920x1280 resolution), images (PNG, JPG, GIF), audio files (MP3)
24/24h internet connection

Strimy is a very simple and versatile digital signage service: it’s the ideal solution for strong and effective visual communication. It can be used for information purposes, advertising and/or entartainment.
The client-server technology allows you to manage hundreds of monitors, at the same time, located anywhere. With a few clicks on the web interface, you can upload multimedia files into the cloud, define rss sources and schedule your contents.
The monitors can be managed individually or jointly, and at your convenience.

Strimy has been natively developed for Raspberry Pi.
It needs a 24/24h internet connection; however it’s not a streaming service: the scheduled contents are downloaded to local memory before being played, so it’s ensured to work even with intermittent connection, without bandwith consumption.
If the requirements are satisfied, Strimy is ready to work: at first boot you’ll see on screen an unique code, that has to be entered from the web interface to complete activation.