8 Megapixel MDT Room Solution Package

Save up to 20%* with NEC's future-proof medical MDT Room Solution

The NEC 8 Megapixel MDT (Multi-Disciplinary Team) room solution package consist of:

  • NEC MultiSync X841UHD - LCD 84" Professional Large Format Display
  • NEC MD322C8 - Widescreen 8 Megapixel diagnostic display
  • ODW T XL - Wall Mount
  • Lindy's Gold DisplayPort 10 m cable
  • NVIDIA Quadro K2200

* Based on the suggested street price. Actual savings depend on your reseller's individual offer.

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NEC Offers Hospitals a Complete MDT Room Solution with Superior 8 Megapixel Quality.

The MDT room solution is a complete solution including everything needed to provide the latest medical meeting room infrastructure to doctors and hospitals. Both 8 Megapixel Medical Desktop and Large Format displays can be cloned on a pixel to pixel level to provide outstanding image quality without any loss of data or visual detail. This solution helps to establish efficient reviewing processes and diagnostic investigations as well as providing hospitals a future-proof investment in the latest technology and quality.

Competitive Advantage Diagnostic Quality for Radiologists and Hospitals

Efficient MDT meeting discussions and treatment planning rely on the ability of health professionals to access and review all relevant clinical information when formulating treatment recommendations.

The NEC 8 Megapixel MDT room solution fulfills these requirements completely and is already used in generally accepted hospitals like the Merian Iselin hospital in Basel, Switzerland. They were convinced by the combination of the perfect picture quality that helped to avoid wrong diagnosis, the perfect fit between diagnostic and large format display, the extensive calibration options and DICOM presets.

The NEC MDT room solution became an incremental part of their multi-disciplinary team meetings within a short time period. „The discussion of the x-rays is now possible for the first time at the highest level, as the image can now be shown in the same quality and grade as on the diagnostic monitor.” says Christoph Kreutner, Technical and IT Manager of the hospital. The NEC 8 Megapixel MDT room solution can provide better working results and higher efficiency for your hospital as well.

Description of MDT Room Solution Package

NEC MultiSync X841UHD
Satisfying all medical display needs, the X841UHD Large Format Display becomes the centerpiece of the MDT room solution. The ultra-high 8 Megapixel resolution shows medical images in high detail. The antiglare, DICOM compliant screen provides best viewing results from different viewing distances and viewing angles. The X841UHD’s high brightness results in perfect visibility and, due to the large screen size of more than 2 meters, it is ideally suited for Multi-Disciplinary Teams of up to 10 people. The presentation screen size can be matched to smaller auditoriums of up to 6 people using the 65” monitor with 8 Megapixel resolution (X651UHD) or larger auditoriums of up to 15-20 people using the 98” monitor with 8 Megapixel resolution (X981UHD) whilst keeping all solution benefits.

NEC MD322C8 - Widescreen 8 Megapixel Diagnostic Display
The MD322C8 31.5” screen works as diagnostic display and improves diagnostic confidence and productivity of radiologists and other medical experts by providing the highest level of image quality and minimizing distracting ambient light reflections at the same time. Providing the same ultra-high resolution of 8 Megapixels (like the 84” clone monitor) the MD322C8 fits perfectly as source inside the MDT room solution. Offering a generously wide-format workspace with a remarkable resolution it proves invaluable to medical experts processing a large variety of medical modality images e.g. CT, MRI, Molecular Imaging, Ultrasound, 3D rendering, and nuclear medicine, among others. NEC medical displays comply with all european medical standards, and meet the very highest safety and reliability standards demanded by medical facilities.

Complete MDT Room Solution with

  • The integrated tilt function of the solid Wall Mount PDW T XL which provides the flexibility that is needed to adapt the screen installation to the individual requirements existing for each MDT room.
  • The NVIDIA Quadro K2200 graphics card which delivers exceptional power and efficiency to support the high graphics requirements for dual 8 megapixel graphic displays.
  • The Lindy's Gold DisplayPort 10 m Cable which is the perfect solution for bridging the distance from the input source and the results screen due to the high quality required to deliver UHD signals over a larger distance.

Terms & Conditions

The NEC MDT room solutions package promotion will be valid from 1 October 2015 to 31 March 2016 or as long as stock lasts. This promotion is open to NEC indirect reseller located in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa). This promotion cannot be used in combination with special pricing or other promotions. NEC Display Solutions Europe GmbH shall have the right to cancel or amend this promotion at any time without notice.