Quality, Service, Sustainability

Change Through Continuity

Our company has experienced change, but our customers have experienced continuity in the areas they value. Moving forwards, our promise is that there will be no compromise in our interlinked pillars of Quality, Service and Sustainability.

Christof Boehm, President and Managing Director Sharp NEC DIsplay Solutions Europe

What’s happened?

Sharing close cultural heritage, two trusted global innovators, Sharp and NEC, joined together to achieve enhanced efficiencies and bring improved value to our customers.

  • Systems are aligned
  • Supply chains are unified
  • Logistics are optimised

Where are we now?

New co-developed products are launched under the Sharp brand, rooted in expertise from both Sharp and NEC.

  • Quality is steadfast
  • Service excellence
  • Sustainable innovation

What’s next?

New Sharp branded products evidence our ongoing commitment to Quality, Service and Sustainability.

  • Our customers experience best value and performance, with
  • secure access to key components and future development strategies such as 8K and AIoT, from the leading global professional display solutions provider.


Sharp/NEC remains the preferred partner and trusted advisor to our channel and end user customers across the globe. It is our people who represent our principles, and these most valued business relationships continue to thrive based on integrity and respect. Quality is steadfast, we will not compromise the long-life reliability of our products, whilst our excellent industry-leading service operation continues to provide peace of mind.

We have a comprehensive range of offerings to fulfil the requirements of every application type from entry level to highly complex deployments. Not all applications require all our innovative features and capabilities, so to achieve a budget-friendly price point we can offer products perfectly targeted to less demanding applications. Be reassured that across our entire range of products, quality is non-negotiable.

Learn more about the Sharp/NEC Difference.


Manufactured using high quality components and Japanese engineering standards, Sharp/NEC products and solutions are trusted for long-lasting reliability. This commitment to quality underpins our sustainable management where, through repair and refurbishment programs, we further extend the long lifecycle of our products, deferring replacement, and therefore waste, over a longer time frame.

Sharp/NEC LED products promise a remarkable life span of up to 100,000 hrs. To maintain the performance of complex and multifaceted LED technology, regular servicing is essential. Committed to quality, we offer a comprehensive range of professional service packages and warranties designed to accompany our LED products ensuring they maintain optimal performance over their long life.

Find out more about our Value Added Services.


Quality, Service and Sustainability are inextricably linked. We produce long-lasting, fit-for-purpose products designed with modularity, serviceability, and recyclability. The longer the lifecycle, the less we consume conserving natural resources until eventually returning materials to the cycle.

The joint venture between NEC and Sharp transfers the Sharp/NEC business under the umbrella of the Sharp Corporation, strengthening our drive forward with clear vision for the future. The Sharp Eco Vision 2050 aims to achieve a net zero CO2 emissions from its business activities by 2050 with interim reduction targets of 40% by 2030 and 60% by 2035.

Find out more about the practical steps we are taking toward achieving our Eco Vision, and how we are leading the industry in sustainable management whilst continuously monitoring our progress: Green Vision Microsite

Displaying our Japanese heritage

We are proud to display our Japanese heritage under the Sharp brand, evidencing the success of our joint venture through new product development. The cost-efficient solutions with enhanced feature sets bring best value and performance, without compromising quality and sustainability.

Here’s a snapshot of our latest and imminent product launches:

Desktop Displays


Sharp MultiSync® Docking Hub Desktop Displays

The MultiSync® display retains all the trusted performance you expect from its NEC legacy; with embedded LAN and USB-C it’s the ideal workspace Docking Hub solution.

coming in August/September 2024

Projection Technology


Sharp Laser Projectors

Rooted in NEC’s legacy of projection expertise, two new Sharp branded 4K DLP projectors bring the latest advances in long-life, maintenance-free laser technology.

The P Series launch is closely followed by two new Sharp branded projector series featuring RB laser technology for brilliant colours with cost-efficiency.

P721Q and P601Q coming in September 2024
X141Q, X171Q and A201U coming in October/November 2024

ePaper Displays


Sharp ePaper Displays for energy-efficient Signage

Consuming zero energy during content playback and only minimal draw when content changes, ePaper is phenomenally energy efficient; an ideal replacement for paper posters.

available now

Large Format Displays


Sharp MultiSync® ME Series multi-purpose Large Format Displays

Class-leading performance and value featuring high haze filter, native USB-C connectivity, and Android SoC; professional capabilities for meeting rooms and digital signage.

available now