The new PA Projector Series

The projection multi-tool for utmost flexibility and image perfection

Flexibility and functionality are key in many display scenarios. Comparing all display technologies, projection offers the most in terms of flexibility. With the 3rd generation of NEC’s PA Series, its flexibility and functionality sets a new benchmark. The five new installation projectors achieve from 6,500lm up to a brightness of 9,000lm to deliver perfect images in XGA, WXGA and WUXGA resolution for numerous application scenarios.


Competing with the high end

The new PA Series is a compact “multi-tool” with many features found in very high end projectors.

Ultra-high definition inputs are handled by the unique NEC scaler chip: the integrated video processor can simultaneously manage 4K input, as well as share signal output with multiple connected projectors thanks to the unique HDBaseT-out daisy-chain interface. It represents an enormous leap forward in video processing, 10-bit colour processing, de-interlacing and scaling.


The big picture

Installation complexities such as curved screens and irregular surfaces are no problem with enhanced geometry controls. Besides this, flexibility is improved with motorised zoom, focus and shift and automatic OSM orientation and with automatic edge-blending at full resolution, huge screen sizes can be easily achieved.

To deliver outstanding images with natural colours, a wider colour range is supported along with a high contrast ratio of 10,000:1. For applications using UHD Blu-ray Disks, this new generation runs the latest copyright protocol and is equipped with HDR10 standard via HDMI interface. With all these features it doesn’t matter what inputs you have – the PA Series is able to handle it with ease!


Sustainable investments

Environmentally as well as financially, the new PA Series is a sustainable investment. To ensure a low TCO and to contribute towards decreasing your carbon footprint, the lamp life is extended to up to 5,000 hours and the filter life up to 10,000 hours. This not only lowers the cost and emissions, but also reduces maintenance, downtime and consumption of consumables.


The new PA3 Series is the perfect choice for projector installations in the areas of Corporate Meeting and Lecture Halls, Higher EducationHealthcare and Leisure and Entertainment.