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Through integration of cutting edge technology, the Casino Gran Madrid uses NEC Display Technology to improve communication and interaction with its clientele, seeking to establish brand loyalty to affect sales uplift alongside substantial savings in the deployment of promotional activities. NEC V Series large format displays offer reliability and adaptability to meet the needs of the establishment into the future.

A pioneer of innovation seeking to emulate international references within the sector such as Las Vegas, Macao or the grand casinos in Europe, Casino Gran Madrid has installed screens from NEC Display Solutions in order to establish a closer and more direct communication with its customers.

For the deployment of this installation the Casino used Sutega, a specialist in integral equipment, due to its previous experience in audiovisual systems in other casinos and their extensive knowledge of the sector. At the same time, Sutega relied once more on the quality of NEC in order to develop the solution.


“We decided on the technology of NEC Display Solutions because the characteristics offered by its products with respect to other equivalent models from the competition are superior, and the quality/price ratio is very good”, declares Diego Romanos, Project Manager at Sutega. “Our previous experience of the Casino Gran Madrid with professional screens from NEC in its casino in Torrelodones had been very positive, which was also crucial in selecting NEC as partner”.

In April 2013, the development works for the Casino Gran Madrid-Colón started and each of the phases of this project was complex, but finally they managed to successfully harmonise all the technological elements provided by NEC DS with the environment, giving rise to an extraordinary result.

The Challenge


It is a well-known fact that technology helps to increase effectiveness in both advertising and communications, and as far as the retail sector is concerned, one always looks for more and better ways to reach users and to maintain their loyalty. In this case, technology forms part of a complex challenge that started with the need to adapt a space of 4,123 square metres distributed on four floors, which was originally not intended for the current task.

All the elements of the Casino Gran Madrid-Colón have been presented as an innovative showpiece, both at technological and design level. “What makes this Casino unique is the fact that it boasts total integration of the latest technology from NEC Display Solutions in the physical space through the use of elements that combine functionality and style”, says Diego Romanos.

Casino Gran Madrid-Colón was designed by the architect Ignacio García de Vinuesa, one of the most prestigious interior designers of the country known for mixing style and technology. García de Vinusa is not only an expert in ensuring that technology and the finest materials are integrated in a whole, geared to surprise the visitor and offer comfort, but he has also created a lyrical space in its appearance and technology.

For its part, the V Series from NEC can be used to visualise the sporting event of the moment, see the latest prize delivered by a gaming machine or get to know all that is on offer in terms of leisure and gastronomy at Casino Gran Madrid.

In addition to viewing screens, the Casino also relies on touch screens from NEC DS located in the two totem poles at the entrance and in the restaurant area of the casino.

Against the backdrop of so many possibilities, this platform not only entertains users during their stay, but also permits them to access various content, making their visit to the Casino a more extensive experience.


The NEC Solution


The fact that the screens from NEC Display Solutions allow the enjoyment of so many options of viewing content in a simple manner helps the Casino to approach the consumer in a different and innovative manner.

The project manager at Sutega comments: “Some of the characteristics why we chose NEC are the reliability and guarantee of its products, as well as its customer service and policy when it comes to replacing the screens. Unlike other manufacturers, NEC DS does not repair, it replaces. Further characteristics, which are very useful to us, are that these displays can be used both independently or configured as a videowall. This flexibility allows our client, the Casino Gran Madrid, to use the devices according to the need of each moment”.

At the Casino, the NEC displays of 65 and 55 inches feature a professional LCD panel with Edge-LED backlighting. Thanks to this new technology, both the energy consumption and the weight and thickness are less. This series also presents the STv2 Slot by NEC (compatible with OPS) and allows the integration of several PC boards, HSDDI interfaces and other products compatible with OPS. It also features an ambient light sensor that makes the image easy on the eye in any environment. All these characteristics make them perfect for signage on sales outlets, conferences, or reception desks.

These screens are part of a comprehensive management system called Cool Sign, which permits management of both streamed content: video, television, internet connection, etc, as well as dynamic content: connection to the machine servers to launch the recent prizes, menus, restaurant booking shifts.

The Digital Signage technology from NEC has the capability to bring tangible and intangible benefits, another reason why the Casino Gran Madrid has opted for this manufacturer. Diego Romanos assures: “any project involving new installations of these dimensions, innovation and with this technological complexity has a great impact on the sector. Although we cannot provide detailed figures, this installation will bring substantial savings ranging from the management of internal marketing, advertising and promotion to the communication of information”.

The distributor chosen for the installation of the displays was VSV, a long standing partner for NEC Display Solutions in the Benelux region and the final result has been very well received by Amsterdam Arena and all visitors to the stadium.


The Result


The reliability of Digital Signage ensures that the confidence in these types of platforms grows every day. The Casino can evolve the solution for the future, upgrading it to obtain more advantages in accordance with the changing communicative requirements of the content and its audience.

Sutega continues to work with NEC DS in similar projects to bring the technology of one and the experience of the other, to casinos all over the world.

Finally, Diego Romanos, of Sutega, says: “it is fundamental to maintain long-term commercial relations to be able to always offer the same level of high quality and synchrony with the customer’s requirements”.