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Thanks to the French hypermarket chain’s forward thinking approach, customers at 15 E.Leclerc centres are enjoying an enhanced shopping experience through a dynamic digital retail signage system. In collaboration with DMX Profuse®, the E.Leclerc stores are leasing a number of signage packages ranging from 40” and 46” large format NEC displays to multi-display NEC videowalls and wifi totum solutions positioned at strategic points to inform and stimulate customers.

E.Leclerc is a French hypermarket chain which enables semi-independent stores to operate under the Leclerc brand. With over 500 stores across France, Leclerc commands a significant 18 % market share. Since it opened its first store in 1949, E. Leclerc has had a reputation for innovation. Not content with following the old rules, the chain has caused something of a revolution within the French retail industry, never hesitating to discard old habits and to try new approaches, but always with the consumer’s best interests in mind.

The Challenge

It was this pioneering spirit which led the chain to investigate the use of digital signage to replace traditional methods with the aim to inspire their customers. Laurent Joncheray, Manager of E.Leclerc Parasis said “we wanted to inform our customers about promotions and activities in the store, with a dynamic medium which stirs up new interest.” E.Leclerc was convinced that going digital would open up many opportunities for interaction with their customers, to promote brands and heighten awareness whilst creating a more vibrant image for its stores.

The NEC Solution


DXM Informatique is a major economic player in the region, in the Print & Publishing, Architecture, Video, Photo, Music and Telephony sectors as well as in those for Servers, Network, Internet, Health, Education and Development, not to mention Digital Signage since the creation of DXM Profuse® in 2009: DXM Profuse® designs and implements digital signage solutions based on Apple technology.

When in May 2007, Jean-Yves Sauvée, then in charge of business development for NEC Display Solutions in the Western region, met Bruno Daniel of DMX, they understood very quickly the value of combining DXM Profuse® to the quality of screens from NEC, so as to offer customers a high performance “turnkey” display solution. A successful collaboration has continued in the region to this date.

A bundled solution from DXM Informatique and NEC Display Solutions offered the E.Leclerc centres a complete, simple to use and financially attractive display solution. An additional benefit of the DXM Profuse® solution is the flexibility of its business model which enables customers to rent the signage solution, choosing from a number of packages, each leased over a 3 year period. The rental model allows great flexibility and is fully scalable within the constraints of the client. Packages range from 40” and 46” large format displays to multi-display videowalls and wifi totum solutions.


Joncheray stated that “DXM Profuse® allows us to give notice of commercial operations, to introduce additional services that can be put on display in the store, to revitalise the commercial space and to increase the number of customer purchases. The DXM Profuse® system is very simple in its daily use, the dissemination is updated by a person trained in the DXM Profuse® software, in collaboration with the sales managers in the store”.

The Result

So far 15 E.Leclerc centres have been equipped with the DXM Profuse® solution, representing not less than 200 large format screens, about twenty totems, and fifteen videowalls, with an annual rental income of around 500,000 Euro.

Recent research into the use of retail digital signage supports E.Leclerc’s conviction that going digital is the future, suggesting that 67 % of consumers, who made purchases in the store, said that they had been influenced by a dynamic digital display. E.Leclerc is fully aware of the potential revenue generating benefits of their new dynamic system through selling advertising space whist making savings by moving to a paperless environment.

Ms Moret hints at the future when she said “most of the materials we use are already paperless, such as discount vouchers. In the same way, our customers can view catalogues online and so receive the latest information. Much work in the areas of outreach and conversion needs to be done to win over some of our customers, who remain reluctant to embrace the digital age, even if it can become more responsive and dynamic.” E.Leclerc’s innovative outlook is drawing them to seek new ways to progress, but always with their customer’s needs in mind.