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SAP Arena

Digital displays create a VIP welcome

The SAP Arena with up to 15,000 seats is not only Baden-Württemberg‘s largest multifunctional hall, it is also one of the most modern sports and event halls in Europe. In addition to ice hockey and handball games by the local teams, many other sporting events such as basketball and wrestling, concerts and TV events are held in the arena. On average, the 403,000 square metres are used for more than 100 events per year.

After ten years providing excellent hospitality, the SAP Arena was ready for a refurbishment including installation of an immense video wall in the VIP reception area. With renewed digital creativity in its toolbox, the busy venue is ready to continue with an enhanced visitor experience.

The Challenge

On the occasion of its tenth birthday in 2015, the SAP Arena shone with renewed splendour. The three-month summer break was used to rebuild various areas of the multifunctional arena and to renew the display technology.

GoertzMedientechnikDetail1The NEC Solution

Modernisation and digitalisation

Video wall solutions create the desired effect and were installed in the form of an 8x3 display arrangement in the VIP area of the arena. Düsseldorf-based media technology specialist, Goertz Medientechnik GmbH, managed the installation of the new NEC displays, including the mounting solutions used for positioning the displays.

GoertzMedientechnikDetail3In the SAP Arena, Goertz installed 24 MultiSync® X464UNV NEC displays behind the VIP helpdesk mounted on Peerless brackets. With the ultra-slim NEC Displays, high-resolution video walls can be set up with barely perceptible image transitions.

Driving content to the displays, Goertz Medientechnik GmbH used a media server to deliver full resolution video content and simultaneously display up to 32 layers. The display areas on the wall can be selected freely and independently of one another enabling full flexibility and creativity.

In our projects we aim to provide the highest quality and the most reliable products in order to achieve the maximum impact”, explains Martin Goertz, business manager at Goertz Medientechnik GmbH. “So choosing NEC was not difficult for us.

The Result

The video wall installation in the VIP area of the SAP Arena welcomes visitors with its impressive overall appearance. The brilliant colours and the high quality of the Displays, accompanied by a seamless arrangement, reproduce superb moving pictures and information with barely any perceptible image transitions.