NEC Display Solutions Client Installation DooH



A network of 165” UHD digital media walls located in premium shopping malls throughout the UK deliver a high impact medium to reach shoppers in today’s digital shopping age. Out-of-Home media owner, Limited Space, chose NEC display technology to provide its top brand clients with the means to engage with their target audience and build brand loyalty.

The unique shopping mall environment presents a compelling DooH advertising opportunity to reach out to and influence an audience which is already in a spending frame of mind. The retail landscape now features an ever growing digital presence using innovative technology to provide maximum audience impact and engagement.


The Challenge

Shopping in the digital age with the rise of the connected consumer has required shopping malls, retailers and brands to embrace the opportunities which new technology presents, using it to analyse customer behaviour enabling more effective engagement to create a seamless experience for the shopper. 80% of the UK’s top 30 malls have already introduced WiFi facilities in recent years enabling greater interaction through social media and mobile technology.

Out-of-Home media owner, Limited Space, understands the huge opportunity presented by the retail environment and has extensive presence across a national network of the UK’s premium shopping malls, providing a range of high impact digital media. Constantly striving for superior campaign delivery, Limited Space has chosen NEC Display Solutions to ensure its top brand clients are represented via only the highest quality medium.


The NEC Solution

Limited Space’s Digital Showcase Media (DSM) is a powerful new advertising platform blending media, entertainment, one-to-one engagement and the chance for a brand to encourage physical interaction between product and consumer while that consumer is in a purchasing mind set.

Built using nine NEC 55” X554UN Ultra Narrow bezel videowall modules in a 3x3 configuration to create a huge 165” media wall, each DSM delivers cinema screen quality imagery with 4K Ultra HD resolution for high impact advertising.

“It is critical that our clients’ creative executions, displayed on our screens, match and exceed the stringent display quality they demand, as highlyvisible showcases of their brand image. The NEC screens deliver that quality and reliability and provide our clients with best-in-class display solutions” says Romain Greze, MD at Limited Space.

DSM also features a full screen surround wrap enabling advertisers to create an overarching brand experience. In addition, DSM incorporates complete zonal sound adding an extra sensory dimension by taking its engagement capabilities beyond the visual alone.


The Result

“We were especially struck by both the cinema screen quality and huge scale of the display” Mark Robinson, Brand Director – Citizen.

“We have supplied NEC screen technology for eight DSM solutions in key shopping malls including Bluewater, which, in partnership with Limited Space’s expertise in the out-of-Home environment offers brands a compelling opportunity for maximum audience impact and engagement,” says Guy Phelps, DooH Sales Manager at NEC Display Solutions. “In the world of Digital-out-of-Home advertising, screen reliability is business critical. A videowall with one defective screen affects the whole image and crucially damages campaign delivery. NEC was chosen as the supplier because of our reputation for build quality, superior performance and reliability.” Some recent successful campaigns include brands such as Volvic, Citizen and 3 Mobile.