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Munich Airport

Large Surface LED Advertising

To draw attention in a large, brightly lit space; you need a large, brightly lit presence. At Munich Airport Terminal 1, Sharp/NEC dvLED technology creates an uninterrupted ~5 by 3 metre image presenting content in high brightness and high contrast. A presence that cannot be ignored.

Designed to handle 25 million passengers per year, Terminal 1 is witnessing ever increasing throughput as the desire and capacity for travel resumes following the pandemic. The busy baggage reclaim area is filled with passengers awaiting the arrival of their luggage - a prime advertising opportunity which also serves to lessen the perceived wait time.

The Challenge

Installation and subsequent operation of electronic equipment in an area with high public footfall demands meticulous planning, timely fulfillment, and attention to public safety. Positioned above the baggage carousel, suspended from the ceiling, the installation of the dvLED videowall was restricted to nighttime work between the hours of 11pm and 5am.

Incorporating special features to monitor, control and service the display, with quality and safety always paramount, the bespoke dvLED display and associated infrastructure were specified and coordinated jointly by the Sharp/NEC LED Solutions team and partner Concept International.


The Solution

The dvLED surface measuring ~4.8m wide by ~2.7m high is made up of 8 x 8 LED-FE025i2 display modules featuring 2.5mm pixel pitch. Delivering 1,000 cd/m² brightness, even in the brightly lit space, passengers right across the reclaim hall get a clear view of the FullHD image.

Weighing approx. one tonne, the LED surface is securely positioned using a steel construction braced by pendulum supports to prevent sway. To ensure compliance with strict safety requirements, the entire display is rear-clad with fire-retardant aluminum which is powder coated in matt white. In addition, the LED cabinets are made of die-cast aluminum for efficient heat dissipation.

Further safety features include the Sharp/NEC SX[TC-Master] which enables the remote control and monitoring of the LED modules in combination with sensors, vital for safety-critical installations.

An integrated lift control device allows the display controller and PC to be moved 1.5 metres downwards, as needed, for inspection and maintenance requirements. Additionally, a button for switching off the operating voltage is installed inside this inspection flap.

To maintain the perfect brightness level according to the ambient light conditions, the intelligent SX[BrightnessControl] function, developed by Sharp/NEC, ensures the ideal viewing conditions whilst minimising unnecessary power usage.

The precision alignment of the FE Series modules creates the impression of a single homogenous surface. Whilst each front-accessed module can be easily removed should it require attention, once replaced, the entire surface is calibrated to maintain perfect visual perception.

The Result

Passengers are entertained as they dwell in the baggage hall by a pleasing visual experience that draws the eye and distracts from potential weariness. An additional revenue stream for the airport operator, advertisers are assured of the highest quality perception of their brand. Centrally positioned above the baggage carousel, advertisers are attracting maximum eyeballs on a medium which delivers consistent, bezel-free visual performance.