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The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust

Facilitating effective medical collaboration

The Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) Meeting facility is crucial to assemble healthcare practitioners to collaborate with full access to consistently high standard PACS images, viewable by large numbers of people, both in one room and via remote conferencing. Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust has deployed NEC large format displays and projection in their MDT and Pathology meeting rooms as well as their Executive Boardroom.

The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust is a modern, progressive Trust, with a reputation for clinical excellence and efficiency. Awarded Foundation Trust status in 2005, the hospital provides a wide range of health services to the local area. The Accident and Emergency Department deals with around 75,000 patients per year and there are approximately 55,000 inpatients and 250,000 outpatient attendances each year.

RotherhamNHS-Detail1The Challenge

With today’s NHS resources stretched to the limit there is pressure to work more efficiently whilst maintaining consistently high standards of clinical practice. Hospital-wide digitisation is seeing all departments embrace the technology which will assist in improving efficiency, reducing costs and increasing patient confidence.

Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust went out to tender via the NHS procurement service for an audio visual and video conferencing solution based around three rooms, the main MDT room, the Pathology meeting room and the Executive Boardroom. User requirements were for large format HD screens with integrated videoconferencing to help collaboration with colleagues and to aid with the review and sharing of medical images and other relevant patient information.

RotherhamNHS-Detail2The NEC Solution

Specialist AV integrator, Involve, was awarded the contract and recommended NEC for a large format display solution comprising a 2x2 configuration video wall in the main MDT room and a projection solution in the other two rooms. Michael Roach, business manager for healthcare at Involve states: ‘Involve is and will continue to be a proud and longstanding supplier of NEC products. We have found, certainly within the Health sector, that their large format displays with DICOM pre-sets meet clinical requirements by displaying high quality images with the required level of greyscale.’

RotherhamNHS-Detail3The Result

Successful patient outcomes rely on accurate viewing of medical images at a consistently high standard across all departments and consultation rooms within the hospital,’ says Michael Roach. ‘Our videoconferencing solutions using NEC displays and projection have positively impacted upon the ability of staff at Rotherham NHS Trust to make informed decisions which will enhance patient confidence.’ Janine Birley confirms: ‘although the equipment is not a clinical diagnostic level system, clinicians have experienced excellent clarity of information and that user operability positively supports clinical practice.’

As a leading manufacturer of innovative medical displays, NEC is the ideal partner to manage the challenges of hospital-wide digitisation processes. NEC Display Solutions is able to offer the widest range of display products for any application including both LCD display and projection solutions. Furthermore, with features such as integrated biometric systems, NEC can ensure that only authorised users have access to secure areas, medical devices and patients.

NEC’s display solutions extend beyond medical review to deliver reliable digital signage for way-finding, bed management and infotainment across all hospital departments.