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Saint-Emilion Tourist Information Centre

Presenting stunning imagery to entice and inspire

In visiting a new area or returning to discover more, holiday makers are anxious to maximise their valuable vacation time. Providing inspirational images and easily accessible information, visionary tourist centres like Saint-Emilion employ the latest visual displays to attract tourists and keep them returning for more.

The Challenge

Around 400,000 tourists pass through the tourist information centre each year seeking advice, guidance and information to assist them during their visit to the Grand Saint-Emilionnais territory. For personal recommendation and experience there is no substitute for the friendly and knowledgeable staff; to free up their time whilst enabling visitors to freely browse and investigate the array of options available, the tourist information centre sought the benefits of a digital display system.

From accommodation, restaurants, tours and travel information to photographs and promotional videos, the tourist centre holds a vast knowledge bank and they were keen to present much of this information in an inviting format. By creating an appealing dynamic visual display, visitors would be stimulated to discover more and maximise the time they spend in this beautiful and historic region. Ultimately, the tourist centre’s aim is to attract more tourists, encourage them to stay longer and tempt them to return in the future!

It was crucial for the displays to deliver a bright crisp and reliable image; rendering scenic photography and moving imagery in its true to life beauty whilst displaying text in the finest detail. Ensuring a minimal Total Cost of Ownership is also vital and the tourist information centre managers attached great importance to the longevity of their investment.

StEmilion-Detail1The Solution

The tourist information centre instructed AV integrator TECHTONIK to carry out the installation. An NEC channel partner, TECHTONIK recommended NEC for its quality and reliability, as well as its trusted service and warranty support.

Certain aspects of the installation required special consideration: Firstly, the tourist information centre is a very bright space requiring the displays to deliver high brightness levels in order to achieve a readable image. Secondly, the displays were to be integrated into a housing with concerns over heat build-up which can impact on performance. By partnering with NEC, TECHTONIK were able to address these concerns using professional grade displays with unique thermal management and a brightness level suitable for areas of high ambient light whilst minimising power consumption.

The final installation is cleverly designed to tantilize the viewer, the content which is synchronised across a number of screens; a large digital wall followed by another smaller wall a little further on, entice the viewer to move into the room, to discover more and maintain his interest. The 46” displays with Ultra-Narrow bezels are configured into two digital canvases to stunning effect.

StEmilion-Detail2In all, ten NEC screens were chosen by the tourist information centre: six Ultra Narrow bezel displays make up the first video wall, a further two to create the second and two 55” displays reserved for the ticket office and the information area. The digital system is very quick and easy to maintain and update, freeing up staff time, and visitors have quick and easy access to information whilst being inspired by the images and videos. Also displayed is the local weather forecast and visitors can access an interactive map using a linked tablet for navigation. With a digital system now deployed, the tourist centre is in an excellent position for the future with options to upgrade with interactive displays or to expand the existing system.

The Results

Visitors to the tourist centre now enjoy a spectacular introduction to the Saint-Emilionnais region. The bright modern space is welcoming and encourages visitors to dwell longer, to learn more and to get the most out of their precious vacation time! Staff can spend longer welcoming visitors and inspiring them with their knowledge and enthusiasm for their magnificent locality.