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Type DLP
Supported Screen Size up to 22 meters (72 feet)
Resolution 2048 x 1080
Light Source Laser RB
Order Code 40001314

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Modular Cinema Projection – a new standard in adaptable screening

The world’s first cinema projector offering a modular laser light system with projector head, all in one box. The modular concept allows you to plug-in the appropriate light modules based on the brightness you need. Protect your investment when migrating from 2D to 3D projection, or adapting your set-up to a wider screen.

The NC2402ML utilises RB laser technology which is almost speckle-free compared to RGB technology, providing similar benefits yet at a lower cost. Don’t limit your venue’s potential; go beyond cinema to increase your visitor numbers and maximise revenue. The modular light concept opens opportunities to screen alternative content for corporate presentations and gaming events.

You can expect a powerful modular projector that delivers compelling advantages when it comes to operation, efficiency and image quality. Ideally operating in medium-sized venues and with premium format cinema screens of up to 22m.

  • Modular Light Source - achieve the light output which is perfectly adjusted to your requirements with exchangeable light modules 24,500lm, 20,000lm and 18,000lm for different brightness demands.
  • Virtually zero maintenance - no lamp and no filter replacement costs, no maintenance personnel costs and no lamp stock due to the innovative Laser Light engine.
  • Enjoy a Lower TCO - highest reliability, maintenance-free operation, low power consumption and up to 50000 hours life; the Laser light source results in a significantly lower total cost of ownership.
  • Sealed optical engine - minimising dust ingress, consistent performance is assured and no special maintenance is required.
  • A host of integrated features - including built-in 2TB screen server, 2 x 3G SDI Interfaces, HDMI interface for alternative content, advanced network and built-in GPIO functions with NAS support.