Energy efficient signage: an easy win toward sustainable aviation

On the route to net zero, Europe’s aviation sector is set for an ambitious, yet clearly defined decarbonisation pathway, where urgency and collaboration are critical success factors.

Partnering with suppliers that prioritise sustainable innovation will drive investments toward the latest technologies that deliver improved efficiencies. With an arduous journey toward guilt-free flying, airport operators will welcome an easy win, and LED technology is already fulfilling expectations for passengers and operators.

Simon Hayes, Business Segment Lead for Transportation and Global and Strategic Corporate Sales, explains how Sharp/NEC is offering its aviation customers a trusted long-term partnership.


Instantly updating with clear flight information, LED signage is already proven to support operational efficiency - improving the flow of passengers and optimising the use of resources. Now, with the launch of the Sharp/NEC LED FE3 Series, energy efficiency becomes the compelling feature of next generation large surface digitisation.

Next generation energy-efficient LED technology

Consuming 60% less power (a conservative estimate) than standard SMD technology at the same brightness, new Flip-Chip SMD technology significantly improves energy efficiency whilst also enhancing heat dissipation and durability to further extend the lifecycle for an overall more sustainable solution.


The third generation FE Series not only signifies a leap in energy efficiency but also underlines Sharp/NEC’s commitment to providing sustainable and innovative display solutions. To captivate, engage and inform passengers, the new LED FE Series delivers an uninterrupted visual experience while keeping operating costs at a minimum.

Crucially important for large scale visualisation in airports, the improved design also ensures low electromagnetic emissions allowing for full EMC Class-B certification at module level for safe operation without negative interference with other electronic devices.

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Zero-Watt ePaper Displays

Another innovative development which is taking a substantial step toward the carbon neutral era is ePaper technology. Consuming a remarkable zero-watts during content playback and drawing only minimal power when content changes, ePaper is ideal for static information display - for simple wayfinding, and check-in or gate signage.


The low-reflection paper-like surface presents content that appears brighter in high ambient light conditions, with excellent contrast, wide viewing angles, and fine resolution. In addition, the ePaper displays feature an integrated System on a Chip (SoC) for a seamlessly intelligent, secure, and future-proof operation.

Currently available in 13- and 25-inch sizes, ePaper displays aren’t suitable for all applications, but the power saving potential is significant and installation demands are minimal, making this cutting-edge technology a very interesting prospect for the future.

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A Responsible Partner

Sharp/NEC has, and continues to, refine and optimise its manufacturing, packaging, and transportation processes for best efficiency as it works towards its own 2050 net zero target.

For the structural components of its displays, Sharp/NEC uses metal which is 100% recyclable, contributing to the circular economy. Metal is also robust, heat resistant and fire retardant, making Sharp/NEC’s products safe for use in public spaces, an essential requirement for airport terminals.

As the aviation sector looks for efficiencies in ground operations, long-life digital signage offers a reliable easy win, with new technologies significantly reducing operating costs whilst improving the passenger experience.

Making sustainability an innovation-priority, Sharp/NEC is offering its aviation customers a trusted long-term partnership on the route to net zero.

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