Large Venue

Presenting the bigger picture

Huge spaces and large numbers of eyeballs mean greater viewing distances. In order to provide an experience which delivers energy and impact, AV support must beef-up the scale of its provision with audio and visual installations which fit the need. Entering an impressively large venue, audiences are tense with anticipation – with high expectations, the visual medium must deliver content to enthuse and enthrall audiences – in this scenario, size is everything!



Scale-up the infrastructure

For conferences and product launches, lectures and entertainment; the common requirement is big screen delivery. In auditoriums, concert halls and exhibition spaces, touching the emotions of audiences is often a key objective so ensuring they get a clear view of event content is critical. Supporting the big screen presentation, where content contains more detailed information such as in lectures or conferences, repeater screens might be necessary or even for content to be shared to audiences’ personal devices.

Reliability and longevity is not up for compromise with equipment often located high up at the ceiling with limited access for maintenance. Flexibility and remote management capability ensure best installation success and adaptable usage scenarios. Some venues such as conferencing facilities and university lecture theatres benefit from fixed AV installations, whereas others such as exhibition spaces, concert halls, art houses and museums where use cases are varied, require more flexibility. Rental & Staging companies are big users of AV equipment within this sphere, demanding highly robust products which are easy to set up and de-rig. Often early adopters of new technologies, AV rental companies are looking to deliver the wow factor to their clients with immersive visual experiences.

Fixed or flexible – Sharp/NEC provides the solution

Sharp/NEC offers all the visual technology and supporting infrastructure to meet the needs of large venues. A broad range of display technology including direct view LED, projection and large format displays provide the means to create huge image sizes and multiple screens, bright enough to counter any ambient conditions. With durability being crucial, integrators and operators are assured by Sharp/NEC’s reputation for quality, backed by an impressive warranty and support programme. Sharp/NEC’s partnerships bring access to a wide network of software providers for presentation management and hardware provision for sound and computing alongside expertise in the demanding large venue sector.


Case Studies


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