Journey to net-zero: Sharp/NEC presents ‘A Lasting Vision’

With a target of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, Sharp/NEC presents ‘A Lasting Vision’; a sustainable pathway guided by the association between high product quality and long-life durability.

In his new role as President and Managing Director, Christof Böhm brings outstanding expertise in engineering as well as quality and service management. As Sharp/NEC moves through a period of transition, Christof will lead with his unwavering commitment to product quality, service excellence and sustainable innovation.

Christof Böhm comments on the company’s commitment for the future:

Quality is steadfast. We will not compromise on the long-life reliability of our products, whilst our excellent industry-leading service operation continues to provide peace of mind for our customers – even as we continue the business transition to the Sharp brand. Our company has experienced change, yet our customers have experienced continuity in the areas they value: Quality, Service, and Sustainability.

Our commitment to our customers is clear. We will offer better value and performance, but not at the expense of quality and the principles of sustainability that all responsible businesses live by, now and in the future.

Sustainability Initiatives

At the heart of Sharp/NEC's sustainability efforts is the Sharp ECO Vision 2050. The company aims to generate more clean energy than its entire supply chain consumes and achieve net-zero CO2 emissions by 2050. To achieve these ambitious goals, the company has set interim targets of a 40% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2030 and a 60% reduction by 2035.

The company's commitment to sustainability goes hand in hand with its dedication to producing high-quality products. Renowned for durability achieved using high-quality components and Japanese engineering standards, Sharp/NEC is driving innovation in Repair, Reuse, and Recycling initiatives, while reducing energy consumption and waste.



Green Product Solutions

Recognising its responsibility as a manufacturer of power-consuming products, Sharp/NEC prioritises sustainable practices and energy efficiency across its product lines, which include passive and interactive LCD displays, LED surfaces, Projectors and ePaper displays. This commitment is demonstrated through reduced energy consumption, reuse and refurbishment initiatives, modular designs, and the use of recycled and recyclable materials. The recently launched ePaper displays, which consume zero watts when displaying content, stand out as a major step toward the carbon neutral era.

Standards and Corporate Social Responsibility


Sharp/NEC actively goes beyond minimum legal requirements and participates in the formulation and implementation of EU environmental policy through memberships with DIGITALEUROPE and the Japanese Business Council Europe. Sharp/NEC's adherence to independent standards such as ISO, TCO, EPA Energy Star, EU Commission environmental directives, ISO 14001, and stringent Japanese quality control standards further reflect the company's commitment to regulatory compliance and manufacturing excellence.

Sharp/NEC’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy is designed to maximise the impact of its efforts, promoting positive attitudes among employees, supporting the environment, contributing to selected charities, and engaging with the community. Learn more about this commitment by downloading the Sharp Sustainability Report.

Tools and Services

In addition to high-quality product offerings, Sharp/NEC provides tools and services to help customers achieve their sustainability goals. Notable offerings include Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) savings calculators, the Service Plus Program, the Prism Refurbishment Program, and the Sharp/NEC Global Service Program. These services emphasise efficient operation, extending the lifecycle, and local professional support to minimise carbon emissions.


Learn more about Sharp/NEC's Lasting Vision here: Landingpage A Lasting Vision.