The Sharp/NEC Difference


Why Sharp/NEC?

High Quality Electronic Components

Maintaining our much-valued reputation for superior quality products, Sharp/NEC selects the highest quality industrial-grade components and adheres to manufacturing processes managed under stringent Japanese quality control.

Sharp/NEC’s dv LED solutions are engineered with innovative and patented SMD Multi-Color LEDs, for excellent image quality. Sharp/NEC selects only the best batch of multi-colour diodes which offer two key benefits: wider viewing angles and humidity proof operation.

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Professional Design — Robust Structure

Sharp/NEC utilises aluminum cabinets for its dv LED products where many other brands use plastic or polycarbonate. Precision machined aluminum is much more rigid and stable over time especially in changing heat environments ensuring perfect and consistent alignment between modules. Metal supports excellent heat dissipation, efficient against heat build-up for consistent temperature management, vital to extend the lifetime of the display. The metal cabinet means Sharp/NEC achieves excellent results in fire safety and fire load testing, mandatory in public spaces.

icon-safety-and-security  Safety and Security
icon-sustainability-and-resyclability  Sustainability and Recyclability
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Ease of Integration

Sharp/NEC’s bundled LED solutions are exceptionally easy to install. Everything needed for installation is supplied in the bundle including a wall bracket, power bar, frameset and LED processor. Once the supporting brackets are correctly aligned it is a very simple process to mount the cabinets and apply the pixel cards. The LED controller offers flexible signal inputs and facilitates a wide range of system architecture as well as adoption of legacy installations.

icon-precision-and-reliability Precision and Reliability

Use our LED configurator tool to specifiy your Sharp/NEC LED solution.

Smooth Operation

Be reassured that across our entire range of products, quality is non-negotiable. What is common across all of our Direct View LED products is our consistent attention to detail; quality of build and components, industry leading service, ease of installation and, most crucially, smooth and reliable operation.


Display reliability is a major success factor in achieving a low operational cost and a low TCO overall. For many organisations, maintaining operational reliability is business-critical. With redundant power supplies and recevier cards, the FA series provides full redundancy for fail-safe performance standards.


LED Solutions Centre

Service for complex customised solutions

The Sharp/NEC LED Solutions Centre stands for innovative technology and high quality products, designed and built according to customer requirements and the latest technical standards.

We install customised wall installations according to your personal specifications and requirements, taking into account the local conditions onsite. We advise architects, construction companies, advertising agencies, city authorities and cultural institutes on the integration of displays into buildings, facades, stadiums and arenas, as well as on technical equipment for interiors.

The Scope of Services:
  • Product development
  • Conceptual design
  • Consulting
  • Project management
  • Procurement
  • Quality assurance
  • Integration
  • Mounting
  • Soft- and hardware training
  • Maintenance and service

Service Plus

Optional Warranty Extensions

Optional Warranty Extensions Logo

Sharp/NEC has tailored the warranties to best match the demands of the applications. Most Sharp/NEC products are available with standard and/or additional warranties incl. extended or specific warranties.
* On selected models

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Optional Value Added Services

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Sharp/NEC aimes to take the pain out of installation, commissioning and running issues with hands-on support each step of the way. Our customers can currently take advantage of an extensive range of services.

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