BalanceBox® Basic Bundles – Height Adjustment at your Fingertips

In modern workspaces, collaboration is key. Digital Whiteboards, or Collaboration Displays, provide the essential centrepiece to the meeting space. It’s not enough to have the latest technology available however, it must be installed appropriately to maximise usage. Ease of use is fundamental, but access for use is equally important – full participation and inclusivity is vital.

People come in all shapes and sizes, but all are equally valued for their contribution. Tall, short, sitting, or in a wheelchair; the equipment needs to be at the perfect height for everyone, in order to foster real team collaboration.

Height adjustable mounting solutions respect that everyone’s needs are different, they help to create the same user experience and working environment for all. 


Introducing the BalanceBox® from Regout Balance Systems B.V.

Based on a purely mechanical design, no electrical power required, the BalanceBox® lifts and lowers even the heaviest Large Format Display, simply by a gentle touch of the fingertips. The absence of any electrical motor makes this solution almost maintenance free, mitigating the hassle and cost of periodic inspection and testing, or any additional electrical safety certifications.

The robust mechanical design comes with an unrivalled 5 years’ warranty at no extra cost.


Up to 650mm height adjustable*

Different Displays – Different Weights

Thanks to our Strategic Alliance Partner Program, of which Regout Balance Systems B.V is a long-established partner, NEC can offer multiple BalanceBox® Bundled Solutions with different load capacity ranges appropriate to the size and weight of the display.

As a rule of thumb, the larger the display the longer the vertical range of movement required, in order to utilize the full screen area. NEC offers bundles in two different Series with vertical movement ranges from 400mm to 650mm – BalanceBox® 400 Series & BalanceBox® 650 Series - and two different load capacity packages - MEDIUM & HEAVY:


BalanceBox® 650 MEDIUM (the colour of the 400 series is black)

BalanceBox® 400 MEDIUM Basic BundleBalanceBox® 400 HEAVY Basic BundleBalanceBox® 650 MEDIUM Basic Bundle

In order to select the correct BalanceBox® Basic Bundle it’s important to factor in the additional weight of any peripheral devices in addition to the display itself – these might include: loudspeaker, OPS Slot in PC, soundbar, PTZ conferencing camera, accessory tray, keyboard and mouse, for example. For this reason, it is recommended to allow flexibility for future usage when selecting the load capacity requirement.



Different Displays – Different Vesa

To avoid any confusion regarding differing VESA mounts on different displays, NEC’s BalanceBox® Basic Bundles combine the BalanceBox® itself AND the Universal VESA Bracket into one single ordering SKU. This ensures the BalanceBox® always comes with the correct VESA Bracket.

The BalanceBox® Universal VESA Bracket supports VESA pattern from VESA 200x200 to VESA 800x600.

BalanceBox® – Multiple Bundled Options

The following table gives you an overview of the different BalanceBox® Basic Bundles and the recommended NEC Display Series, at a glance.

Name Balance Box 400 MEDIUM Basic Bundle Balance Box 400 HEAVY Basic Bundle Balance Box 650 MEDIUM Basic Bundle
Order Code 40001480 40001482 40001483
Bundle includes BalanceBox 400 MEDIUM BalanceBox 400 HEAVY BalanceBox 650 MEDIUM
BalanceBox - Universal Vesa Bracket BalanceBox - Universal Vesa Bracket BalanceBox - Universal Vesa Bracket
Load capacity [kg] 41-68.9 66-95 67-127
vertical movement [mm] 400 400 650
NEC CB Series 65" CB651Q
75" CB751Q
86" CB861Q
NEC SST Series 55" P554 SST
55" V554Q SST
65" C651Q SST
75" C751Q SST
86" C861Q SST
NEC PCAP Series 55" V554Q PCAP
65" V654Q PCAP
NEC IGB Series 55" V554Q IGB
65" V654Q IGB
75" V754Q IGB
86" V864Q IGB
NEC InfinityBoard Series 55" 55" InfinityBoard 2.1
65" 65" InfinityBoard 2.1
75" 75" InfinityBoard 2.1
86" 86" InfinityBoard 2.1

Touch displays and collaboration boards are the obvious candidates for the BalanceBox® height adjustable capability, but any NEC display is equally appropriate should there be a need.

Simply check for the specified weight of your preferred display and select the appropriate BalanceBox® Basic Bundle according to the load capacity range.

The above table includes the most commonly used display sizes in meeting room scenarios. Smaller and larger sized displays can also be accommodated but might require a different BalanceBox® Basic Bundle not listed above. In case of need, please contact your local NEC Display Solutions Sales representative or NEC Display Solutions – Business Development Solutions Team for more recommendations.

*depending on model