Slot-in computing solutions make digital signage simpler and more flexible without additional cables or devices.
Upgrade the Power of your Displays at any Time
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Computing Solutions

Computing Solutions

Sharp/NEC’s Computing Solutions platform provides a smart and seamless connection between source and display to deliver powerful, tailored and future-proof digital signage and presentations. Simplifying device installation, usage, maintenance and upgrade, the integrated slot-in options feature a customizable selection of computing power and signal distribution.

Computing Solutions

Computing Essential

Computing Essential

Inform with computing solutions for basic signage and wireless presenting applications.

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Computing Midrange

Computing Midrange

Showing value with computing solutions for 4K video and dynamic content.

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Computing Advanced

Computing Advanced

Entertain with computing solotions for dynamic signage, video walls, kiosk applications and control rooms (Hiperwall).

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Computing Enterprise

Computing Enterprise

Unified communication and interaction in collaborative meeting rooms.

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Interfaces and Adapters

Interfaces and Adapters

Slot-in signal interfaces allow a seamlessly integrated extension of connectivity options. Applications can be easily extended through the integration of connectivity standards thus widening the performance level of the device.products not supporting the OPS slot.

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SDM Slot-In PC Collaboration

Intel® SDM Slot-In PC designed for interactive displays in meeting rooms

SDM Standalone Adapter v2

A great tool for standardising on a professional SDM computing device within your display network. Use with Large Format Displays, dvLED Displays and Projectors that do not feature an SDM slot.

OPS Slot-in PC Advanced

OPS slot-in PC (Intel® Core i5) for all type of high-end signage applications.

OPS Slot-in PC Midrange

OPS slot-in PC (Intel® Core i3) for all type of professional midrange signage applications

OPS Slot-in PC Enterprise Ultra

OPS slot-in PC (Intel® Core i7) for demanding meeting room applications

OPS Slot-in PC Enterprise Pro

OPS slot-in PC (Intel® Core i5) for meeting room applications

Raspberry Pi4 - MPi4 Box

Open platform computing device turning visual displays into a complete signage solution

SDM Slot-In PC Essential

SDM slot-in PC (Intel® Atom) optimised for signage applications

SDM HDBaseT Receiver

Video signal transmission up to 150m through a single network cable

SDM 12G SDI Receiver

Transmission of uncompressed and unencrypted video signals in UHD resolution

Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4

Seamlessly embedded RPi computing solution with pre-installed NEC MediaPlayer

SDM Slot-In PC Advanced

SDM slot-in PC (Intel® Core i5) for all type of high-end signage applications

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