How to create an immersive cinema experience

Dynamic content can be twenty times more attention grabbing than static content

It’s a major question for all cinema operators: How do I attract more cinema-goers to my venue? The Traumpalast Cinema close to Stuttgart in Germany created a perfect visual experience through all stages of the cinema-goers’ journey, extending the cinematic experience to other areas of the theatre.


Traumpalast” is the German word for dream palace, a word that hasn’t been chosen randomly. The founder, Heinz Lochmann, focused on creating a venue which will bring your dreams to life. The theatre’s architecture reflects many popular cinematic themes such as‘One Thousand and One Nights‘, and inspires with light installations creating a special ambiance and sense of space. Cross-media communication with cinema-goers allows a close connection with the audience, helping to increase the frequency of visitors.


The latest Traumpalast cinema, which opened recently in 2016, also includes an extended cinematic experience throughout the entire venue. The foyer has been turned into a social space, offering a non-stop entertainment experience, leading to more positive experience and more frequent revisits. The cinema uses display technology turning the lobby into a virtual entertainment zone. The stretched video wall displays the current cinema schedule, combined with preview trailers for upcoming movies.


The Box Office is equipped with display technology to remotely change displayed information on-demand for real-time content updates.

The restaurant and concessions area offers significant opportunities to increase revenues with well-positioned signage. Digital Menu Boards have a proven record of increased sales and per person turnover; switching to digital with no paper printing and no frequent deliveries or installation changes, offers huge savings potential. Content can be updated instantly to reflect the time of day, promotions and sales strategies. Dynamic content can be twenty times more attention grabbing than static content.


Displays installed at the entrance to each auditorium help to ease wayfinding and provide real-time information on forthcoming movies.

The theatre is equipped with the latest cinema technologies including Dolby Atmos in all screens and several screens benefit from NC1201L projectors, NEC’s second generation laser phosphor projectors. The auditoriums are enhanced with ambient lighting and an LED wall.


One of the reasons we chose NEC was because they could offer the complete range of displays for our foyer, as well as the latest cinema projection technology. We are very satisfied with the quality and support they provide.
Mariusz Lochmann, owner and operator of the multiplex

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