The flexible MultiSync® E245WMi

Combining maximum flexibility with health-conscious performance

With the MultiSync® E245WMi Desktop Display, adjusting your monitor to your personal preferences has never been simpler, smarter or healthier:

Simpler: Highly flexible ergonomic settings including height adjust, tilt and swivel as well as vertical and horizontal display orientation result in a more pleasing and productive work environment.

Smarter: The LED backlight panel with PLS technology supports a high display brightness of 250 cd/m² and accurate colours from all viewing angles whilst benefiting from a lower power consumption.

Healthier: The built-in Low Blue Light technology protects your eyes and well-being. It filters out only the hazardous blue light emissions and eliminates flickering whilst ensuring a true-to-life colour display performance.


Why does your business benefit from the MultiSync® E245WMi?

Designed for minimising exertion and strain, this desktop monitor will become a solution that improves productivity as well as user well-being.


Protecting your eyes from strain and damage - Built-in Low Blue Light technology filters out hazardous blue light emissions and eliminates flickering protecting your eyes against cataracts and macular degeneration without compromise to true-to-life display colour performance.

Ergonomic Office - full height adjustability (110 mm), swivel, tilt and pivot functionality ensures perfect individual ergonomic set-up.

Easy Transportation - Larger monitors can be cumbersome to deploy but the integrated handle provides a convenient aid for handling and lifting, reducing the possibility of causing damage to the LCD front surface.

Highly flexible connectivity - Display can be used with two digital (DVI-D, DisplayPort) and one analogue input.

Excellent image quality - PLS technology guarantees the best viewing experience and a crisp image display from any viewing angle.

Minimize power consumption - Achieve minimum 20% carbon footprint savings using the 50% brightness setting in Eco Mode measurable through the Carbon Footprint meter.

Cost Saving Device Management - Save effort whilst managing all connected NEC devices from a centralised location by using the NaViSet Administrator 2 software tool.

All the features you ever wanted to know about the MultiSync® E245WMi!

Ideal for handling excessive amounts of information with efficiency, the huge display surface of over 60 cm (24”) with a 16:10 aspect ratio is a facilitator for productivity.


Perfect fit applications:

The NEC MultiSync® E Series Desktop Displays are designed to meet the demanding ergonomic requirements of industries including Corporate, Finance, Aviation and Transportation , Energy and Utility and for many other Office applications.

Five ways how to ensure the perfect working space ergonomics

See five ways how to ensure the perfect working space ergonomics and achieve health conscious working environments for your customers as well as for your employees and colleagues.

Studies show that solely in office environments around one quarter of all work ailments result from dorsal pains due to problems with muscles, skeleton and the connective tissue. One big driver of these syndromes is coming from the huge amount of seated work positions an office worker is having on a daily basis. The correct sitting or standing position and the correct installation of the work place monitors are major drivers to ensure health conscious working environments.

No matter if in upright sitting or standing posture the following 5 tips help to increase health and well-being at the workplace.

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