NEC MultiSync® EX341R

Immersive desktop display experience with curve-appeal

NEC Display Solutions Europe today launched the EX341R, a 34-inch widescreen desktop monitor with added curve-appeal! Ideal for applications in high-end offices and financial trading floors, the monitor has been developed for industries where large displays are central to the user’s day-to-day activities. Not only will its impressive dimensions and stylish looks sit beautifully on the desk, its curved assets bring compelling benefits to the user.


Find out how users benefit from the seamless 86cm curved screen which provides an impressively wide and flexible working space, perfectly suited for efficient handling and analysis of large amounts of information:

1. Fatigue-free visual performance

The new EX341R desktop monitor delivers the best ergonomic viewing experience. With its curved surface, the user is consistently benefitting from the best viewing angle and consistent distance from the screen, no matter where the content is positioned. Added to this, with built-in Low Blue Light and flicker-free technology, the display supports better eye health and overall comfort and wellbeing without compromising on image quality.

2. Borderless viewing experience

With a huge 34” wide format screen, the EX341R is the ideal replacement for a multi-desktop scenario, delivering the same real-estate but without any interrupting bezels or mismatched alignments for a seamless viewing experience. Replace 2x 24” or 3x 19” displays with just one wide format curved screen and benefit from seamless content visualisation.

3. Optimised workspace ergonomics

Just one keyboard and mouse controlled by the display is required to manage two PCs in parallel, helping you to declutter your desk. Enjoy end to end optimisation of your workspace ergonomics with individual screen splitting using multiple picture in picture / picture by picture settings to arrange all inputs according to your preferred working behaviour.

Displaying enviable desktop ‘curve appeal’, the NEC MultiSync® EX341R curved wide format display reduces the display footprint and maximises viewing ergonomics whilst conveying a professional cutting-edge design into your office.

NEC EX341R - Curved Desktop Display