Is USB-C the key to frictionless workflows?

Whether at home, in the office, or at a shared coworking space, the ability to turn up, switch on and immediately start working seems so simplistic - surely, it’s a utopian dream?

. . . power leads, a random selection of HDMI, RGB, USB, D-Sub and DVI-D cables and adapters, an external USB hub . . . it all adds up to a jumble of wires and a confusion of connectors. When you’re poised to pitch to a potential new client, fumbling with connections and crawling under the desk is embarrassing and not the impression you want to make. In your home office which you might share with family members for homework and gaming, untangling wires is not the best start to your working day.


Frustration relating to technology is common across both our private and working lives and is a particular bugbear – why won’t it just work?! It can become demotivating and unnecessarily time consuming.

As hybrid working patterns establish themselves as the norm, finding ways to make doing work as simple as possible is one of several challenges facing businesses today. Smoothing the way requires technology that is familiar and easy to use, with simple connectivity that just works.

There’s one solution which might just bring that utopian dream a little closer.

Meet everybody’s new best friend – USB Type C


Bringing so much more than simply an upgrade of speed and power, the latest version of this well-known connectivity standard is set to transform the way we work.

With Hot-desking and Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM) scenarios now so pivotal for the hybrid workforce, USB-C provides the key to frictionless workflows. As the visual centrepiece to any personal workspace or meeting room, the ability to easily connect your laptop or other device to a monitor or large format display, with no technology related irritations, will provide a seamless experience for today’s hybrid workforce.

Read our handy guide to transforming typical workspace and meeting room set-ups using USB-C connectivity.

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No more cable clutter

USB-C replaces all the cable and connector paraphernalia we have had to endure in our workspace. Combining data transfer, video/ audio output and power delivery all into one single cable, you can dramatically reduce clutter and enjoy a simple, fuss-free solution. There are different versions available, but a 65W USB-C cable is powerful enough to charge your laptop or other device at the same time as transferring 4K data.

No more connection frustration

Where older USB connections must be a certain orientation, with USB-C, there’s no fiddle trying to work out which way up it needs to be - every way is the right way. Also, the cable has the same connector at both ends, so there’s no trying to figure out which plug goes into which socket – for technophobes or potentially resistant older generations, USB-C is going a long way to iron out any possible causes of frustration.

No more unnecessary resources

For some companies, hybrid working is enabling them to minimise costs by reducing their physical footprint. Workspace and meeting space continues to be available to support collaboration and community, but on an ad-hoc basis, often requiring space to be booked in advance. USB-C is a major component in helping this approach work smoothly, enabling frictionless accessibility and usage. Less cabling, no docking station, fewer spares, less to go wrong, or get misplaced, no more confusing tangle of cables - all adds up to less demand on IT support services.

No more boundaries to spontaneous creativity

A USB-C enabled monitor or large format display becomes, not just a visual interface, but a vital communications hub. Moving between your personal workspace to a collaborative meeting space, as spontaneous creativity dictates, workers can disconnect and reconnect, taking their laptop wherever, whenever, without any compatibility issues. This is where Bring Your Own Meeting initiatives have been so influential.


There’s more to a monitor than future-proofed connectivity. Read our blog 6 things to look for in a business monitor

Find out more about our USB-C enabled displays and take advantage of this great new connectivity standard.

New NEC E- and EA- Series USB-C enabled Desktop Displays are fully future-proofed with a high level of connectivity and flexibility. Powerful 65W USB-C connectivity means just a single cable connects the display to a laptop or tablet, as well as charging the users’ devices for an all-in-one communications hub.

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The NEC WD551 Windows Collaboration Display, certified for Microsoft Teams, is purpose-designed for hybrid workspaces. A single secure 65W USB-C cable connects the user’s personal device with the 55” touch display to instantly share content or start a video meeting whilst powering the device.

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For larger meeting rooms, the 70” Sharp PN-CD701 invites users to connect their device using the 8 metre USB-C cable to room scale content to the big screen for enhanced meeting collaboration.

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