Generation 27 Enters the Market

MultiSync® E271N, EA271F, EA271Q, EA271U and PA271Q

The mainstream corporate office display is still in the 24” segment, but there is a clear trend toward larger desktop screen sizes grabbing an increasing share of the market.

MultiSync® E271N, EA271F, EA271Q, EA271U and PA271Q

New 27” displays bring attractive benefits with their larger screen estate:


More relaxed viewing experience - the increase in screen size makes applications more easily readable.

Comfortable applications management - the larger screen space allows better control of multiple office application windows which can be open in parallel.

Remove the gap between displays - replace a setup of two smaller displays with a single screen centrally located on your desktop, with no interruption between active screen areas.

Productive and comfortable viewing angle - let your eyes surf over the central screen surface, no need to turn your head to view across the huge viewing angle created by a dual display setup.

Follow up with best ergonomics - full height adjustability up to 150 mm, swivel, tilt and pivot functionality ensures perfect individual ergonomic set-up.

Newest USB Type-C connectivity standard - optimize connectivity and declutter your desk; replace video, audio, power and USB cabling with just a single cable to connect your notebook/tablet PC with the display.

The new line-up of 27” desktop displays offers functionality appropriate for standard office usage, professional office and for creative professionals.

NEC MultiSync® E271N

The Entry level office display

NEC MultiSync® EA271F

The Advanced office display

NEC MultiSync® EA271Q

The Advanced office display for outstanding productivity

NEC MultiSync® EA271U

The Advanced 4K UHD display for superior detail

NEC MultiSync® PA271Q

The Professional Advanced office display for creative professionals


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